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  1. I agree but think this if the boss armor were beautiful the producer would not profit much from selling costumes
  2. That was my mistake I forgot to activate all the quests and the NPC didn't show me the available problem solved quest and I already got my little elephant. Thanks everyone for the explanations and help, sometimes the solution is so simple but the thought that there was a bug in the update always comes first.
  3. Has anyone managed to complete the elephant quest? apparently the npc that is inside the house is not giving the quest and the pass is costing 10m the correct was not to be 5m from the pass and 30m more during the quest? Please if there is any requirement required for the quest to be carried out and I am wrong could you guide me on how to proceed?
  4. Heidel I do not remember exactly the name of the workshops I'm at work now and I could not tell you, but I searched in the workshops and in two it is possible to build the weapon and sub weapon but as I said the materials are a bit annoying to get in abundance to create various weapons to fix the durability
  5. Yes you can create them in the workshop but the materials to do this are not so simple which leads to another problem to evolve the weapon without having to spend memory fagment to recover it at the moment I am using my abyssal weapon for not having shai weapons in drop of monsters.
  6. Hello everyone πŸ˜€ I apologize for the doubt that is very beginner but I can not find weapons for the shai in the game I have already stayed in several spots and I have not been able to drop any and even in the market the only one that has taken out the boss weapons are the styd weapons but these are not Is it possible to refine someone who knows how to explain something?
  7. Hello everyone πŸ˜€ With the arrival of the new class Shai made available the elephant quest in Shakatu? Another question I have is regarding the cliff weapons that was an event and got fixed on the PC version, will we receive at least the event on the Xbox?
  8. RegiΓ£o: NA Shai character name: ShaiRope https://www.facebook.com/100010306953497/posts/925376984482525/?app=fbl
  9. All in good time my friend, I still have to reach the kamasylvia area and possibly I said maybe some class will come, I believe, since there was already a poll by the developer on Facebook about the players' preference for the next class to be introduced in the game, they are running to leave the version of xbox updated also to the PC, remember that on the PC the classes aroused were one by one so I think any complaint about lack of content in xbox is not valid because they are doing an excellent job in this. 😁
  10. I understood thanks for the information, in relation to stocking beer, I already do it because that's how I'm evolving my cooking and fueling my works πŸ˜„
  11. Hello everyone 😁 I would like a brief explanation of the friends of the forum about how the beer box is made for the imperial delivery of the other items I understood and even made some but the beer does not appear in the list and even trying to say that it is not possible to create the box, I saw that it is described as event and always has 9M to be delivered to the imperial npc but so far I do not understand how the box is made.
  12. I understand the team's concern with the new players but I think it's a little unfair because we will always be behind in relation to the PC that updates more frequently, if every update we have to wait for the new players to learn all the mechanics of the game so that they do not have disadvantage we will never arrive in the version equal to the PC, my interest for Kamasylvia is precisely to know in surveys that there have spots of tier 5 horses what we do not have at the moment I am a new player I never had contact with the Black Desert on the PC but I went after that there is benefit to me in the next update, well this is just my opinion. Thanks again for the information 😁
  13. Thanks for the information There is little left to finish then because 2 months ago only to the end of the first road map, I just did not understand what I meant with PC gamers taking advantage with the Kamasylvia update
  14. this is a vicious circle of the game is what makes playing more and more because there will always be failure and you always need to start over to repair this failure, do not feel defeated by failure to improve because it is common for you to feel victorious when Can you do it what's the point of the game if everyone in only 3 months of gameplay is already full? 😁
  15. Hello everyone, I do not want to appear too hasty, I know we have just received a lot of content in the Valencia update but I wonder if there is any forecast of when the first road map 2019 will be finalized, where we still have to receive Kamasylvia and Awakening?
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