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  1. Foreverrgamer87

    What made the final open BETA so good in my opinion

    Yes the fireworks at the end was the best.Everyone was gathered around the arena looking up to the night sky.Many sending their prayers for BDX to be successful to the heavens with their lanterns.Im not going to lie,I got a little emotional during it
  2. Foreverrgamer87

    Cooking - Dish with poorly prepared ingredients ???

    I would like to know this as well..Although I haven’t done any cooking this beta,I did quite a lot last beta and I didn’t receive a single “dish with poorly prepared ingredients “ Cooking will be one of my main life skills and I expect to earn slot of my CP that way.I hope it’s different on launch
  3. Foreverrgamer87


    This isn’t a game that holds your hand on anything that you do.
  4. Foreverrgamer87


    There is an option to turn chat off.By Defaut it’s hold LT and Left on your d pad to get the option to toggle chat
  5. Foreverrgamer87


    Deathz,being a PC player like yourself,you do know that this isn’t a game that you can just pick up anytime you want and be on the same level as everyone else.By the time you feel like it’s “worth” to start playing,majority of these players will already have they’re characters maxed,have millions in silver and are ready to go beyond lvl 50,awaken their character and start going after boss gear.Normally I would say to not waste your time and stick with Anthem or what ever game your playing.But I want BDX to succeed so please give PA your money!
  6. Foreverrgamer87

    How to Link Account for BETA Reward (?)

    You will be able to link your account once the game launches.
  7. Foreverrgamer87


    Anthem won’t last a month.Another example of a overhyped game that will be awful.
  8. Foreverrgamer87


    Fingers crossed you’re gone for good this time.Also,can you leave the forums as well? Thank’s !
  9. Foreverrgamer87

    Missing class's

    Just an update for anyone that missed the stream.CM Shirna said that classes will be released ASAP after launch
  10. Foreverrgamer87

    State of the Pearl Shop

    With that being said,I would avoid buying inventory and weight at first till you know for sure you want to invest hours upon hours in a class.Instead at first purchase a storage maid {unless you buy the ultimate edition}since they are account bound instead of character bound.All you have to do is summon her and send stuff to your warehouse.
  11. Foreverrgamer87

    Missing class's

    Updates and classes will come at a faster pace then they did on PC.Simular how updates are coming on the SEA PC version
  12. Foreverrgamer87

    Beta question

    Isnt getting to play the game again two weeks before launch reason enough?
  13. Foreverrgamer87

    What state of the game will we start with?

    The Xbox version will pretty much be the same as the PC version when it launched,minus Tamer and Valkyrie.They said updates will come at an accelerated pace with more regions,classes etc.We will know more when they release a road map
  14. Foreverrgamer87

    Stream Ideas

    And what does that have to do with me thanking them?
  15. Foreverrgamer87

    Stream Ideas

    Well the main complaint I have with them is their just too short.Longer streams every week,each week showcasing a different main part of BDO Will greatly draw in new players attention.I know they’re doing that with showing a different class or two each week but it could be stepped up some.They did say that they’re planning on showing the marketplace next week so that’s one of the things I’ve wanted to see. Since the Pearl Shop is one of the biggest parts about the game,I think everyone,including myself wants to see it.Not so much as pricing but the layout,what stuff that’s in it that we can expect at launch etc.They could even showcase some outfits.Maybe do a thread asking us what outfits we wanted to see on their character.That would be awesome. Now that all that said,I would like to thank CM Shirna and CM Trent for taking some time out of their busy schedule to bring us these streams.I also would like to thank you guys and everyone at PA for bringing us a second beta.Your first one proved how a beta should be.