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  1. Foreverrgamer87

    Is it possible?

    I can agree and disagree with you.I can see the game not coming out this year but next summer? I don’t think so.Full release will be January to February next year.I am still keeping my fingers crossed for release this year,Simon has stated multiple times that a 2018 release was still on the table and we haven’t heard different.Let the game get finished and polished.Nothing good comes from rushing a game to release and expecting the players to deal with its problems.*Looks at Bethesda* People,just needs to chill,play other games and enjoy the holidays
  2. Foreverrgamer87

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    I was thoughtful enough to keep my old Xbox when I bought my Xbox X.My plan is to do afk stuff on my old one when I’m sleeping,or at work.Only thing I bought for this purpose was a cheap wired controller so I won’t have to charge and replace batteries.
  3. Foreverrgamer87

    Release date

    I still believe we’re going to have release this year.How on their site says “Stay Tuned” and how quick Simon poster the video with the post beta changes.They made those changes real quick and made the community know of them.All things that tell me release is right around the corner
  4. Foreverrgamer87

    Release date

    I don’t really agree there.This time of year is the best for the video game industry.Majority of your video game sales of the year will be at and around Christmas,and that includes Xbox cash cards.Plus people with jobs have days off to play said games.Releasing early 2019 will be worse for PA cause people will have they’re credit cards drained.
  5. Foreverrgamer87

    Loyalty system

    I’m sure it will have the loyalty system.Keep in mind that only thing we know so far is what was in the beta and it itself was missing a few things.Pearl Shop,and Calpheon territory being the main ones.
  6. Foreverrgamer87

    Open Letter to Pearl Abyss

    If they would release a statement today saying they’re still planing on keeping release by the end of 2018 that’s all I would need.But I can also say that I’m a patient person and I’ll be standing by BDX no matter when it gets release.Ive been careful of my video game budget,not buying games cause I want to spend that much more on BDX (it’s a good thing I didn’t buy Fallout 76).So till then I’m taking the time to go back to play unfinished games or games that I haven’t played in a while.
  7. Foreverrgamer87

    Pearl Store

    I would recommend visiting BDO fashion.The have a database with images of the Differnt costumes for the classes and pets.
  8. Foreverrgamer87

    My thoughts and ideas about launch

    For someone who has followed both the PC version and Xbox version closely since it was revealed it was coming out for console,I couldn’t wait to finely jump into the beta.And let me say I was not disappointed.The game ran smooth on my One X with a few bugs,mainly with quests. Then after the beta was over,my mind got to thinking.Just how old of a build did they give us to play? Playing the beta I noticed several things that weren’t there that otherwise would be in the full game,even the vanilla version.Life skill levels and not being able to go to go to Calpheon are the main things. Black Desert on Console is uncharted waters for PA.One of the reasons the console version will be so far behind the PC version is that they need all those update to keep a renewed interest in the game and keep casual players coming back. So this got me to thinking.Can the same thing be said about the beta too?I think when they do announce the release date it will be something like “The game will launch on (this date) with the whole territory of Calpheon included and oh,by the way,you can play as Valkyrie and Tamer at launch.It will be smart markerting on their part.We won’t be getting anything more really that wasn’t there at PC launch but it will still be big news. But these are just my ideas and speculations but I would be interested to see what everyone else thinks.
  9. Foreverrgamer87

    Beta ending Monday 12th?

    Yea it ends tonight at midnight Pacific time.Make sure you catch the firework show and take a screenshot of your character watching it
  10. Foreverrgamer87

    Cooking byproducts question

    Yea I’ve got the other byproducts but not the one that gives CP XP.
  11. Foreverrgamer87

    Cooking byproducts question

    Has anyone been able to get “dish with poorly prepared ingredients “? Ive been doing a lot of testing in cooking and I haven’t got one yet
  12. Foreverrgamer87

    What Is The Best Armor and Weapon for PvP in Beta?

    Is Heve or Grunil even in the beta though? I haven’t seen any if it is
  13. Foreverrgamer87


    Welcome to the world of Black Desert,where you have to combo your skills.Its easy once you get the hang of it then it’s muscle memory.You can also put your skills on your left ring menu
  14. Foreverrgamer87

    Beta characters in the full game?

    Unless I missed it I didn’t see a option to save my characters,neither did I see a beauty album.All things I take it will be in the full game