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  1. Foreverrgamer87

    MS allowed this game onto Game Pass?

    I fail to understand the reasoning for your topic.Yea the toxic game chat is a problem but it’s a problem that will be fixed over time.A lot of players will be willing to give the game a try just cause it’s in Game Pass.Do you want this game to succeed or do you not?
  2. Foreverrgamer87

    Cant claim travel kit?

    Then the whole claim system is down 😔
  3. Foreverrgamer87

    Cant claim travel kit?

    This is happening to me too
  4. Foreverrgamer87

    Rosar Weapons?

    Did they add Rosar Weapons this update?They weren’t in the update details.Im at work and can’t play till I get home
  5. Foreverrgamer87

    Valencia and Absolutes coming 8th of May

    How did you come to that conclusion? Awakenings are part of the road map that goes up through June and they haven’t given us any statement that they can’t keep that plan.Look how much of the road map they have given us so far in such a shot time frame.
  6. Foreverrgamer87

    is it cheaper to skip liv and go kzarka?

    Yea I’m waiting patiently for Rosar to come out.I haven’t progressed beyond the last weapon you get from the black spirit on any of my characters because I don’t want to waste time,money,stones, and fail stacks on Yurias when they’re just going to be old news soon.Ive been spending my time lifeskilling,questing,and leveling my characters
  7. Foreverrgamer87

    Life Skill Character?

    If you want to invest heavy into life skills pick one character as your life skiller.You need a lot of inventory space and weight so you save money by putting them all on one character.Also you will only have to buy the pearl shop life skill costumes once too. I would also suggest that you don’t do the black spirit quest that allows you to become level 50 so you can be safe while fishing etc. The only life skill that your other characters should do it gathering.
  8. Foreverrgamer87

    Triple float rod quest

    Is the quest to get the Triple Float Rods in the game yet? Thanks
  9. Foreverrgamer87

    The Carrot and Stick bug

    Same is happening to me,tried logging out and changing servers,doesn’t work.Also the NPC that does the leaflet daily is missing now as well for me
  10. Pet exchange has been in since launch
  11. Foreverrgamer87

    Calpheon daily CP quest question

    Going from the PC versions there’s three missing NPCs that give CP dailies.I hope this gets fixed soon cause it’s a chunk of XP that we’re not getting daily.
  12. Foreverrgamer87

    Island tour event

    Does anyone know where the tour starts at tomorrow? I assume it’s Velia but I would like to know for sure.
  13. Foreverrgamer87

    Dim magical armor quest ?

    I haven’t received both the dim sub weapon or the dim armor quest line.And my “For a Sharper Weapon” quests disappeared half way through me doing them
  14. Foreverrgamer87

    Upgrade staff

    Blue reform stones are available on this months loyalty rewards also
  15. Foreverrgamer87

    1.87 GB Update! GO GO! Download Now!!

    Downloaded mine 5 hours ago