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  1. Pve server characters should be locked out of pvx servers so the great pvpers have nothing to fear from people that dont care about pvp in the first place.
  2. I support this suggestion my guild has been declared by a guild for 3 weeks now they have not withdrawn the declaration since the start all just to grief our lower geared players.
  3. I support the request for pve servers
  4. Im a life skiller I loath pvp the pvp system is crap to begin with since its gear based with some skilled players being the exception. Us pve/life skillers need a haven from douche pks. Ill keep asking for pve servers till its a thing.
  5. Zarth

    PvE Only?

    I support this suggestion pve servers are a must for a sustainable mmo. Nobody likes griefers and pvp as an endgame is a horrible joke.
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