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  1. Lol so say the guys who instantly busted out their credit card to play. Some people have lives and want to do epic **** like jump out of helicopters, not just sit and grind for nothing in a game. if its grindy then I can see how that becomes super stale very quick. Im excited to get some pvp in me. Hope they done that right
  2. Its open world, And PvP Arenas are a terrible way to suck open world pvp into the safer arena environment. Which means it takes the spice of it away. Arenas are not ever a great idea. Also, I believe you can duel anywhere if the other player accepts. At least on PC you could.
  3. Hey Everyone! My name is Carl, I'm a vegan and a crossfitter. I actually don't have an Xbox nor do I know what an MMO is???, I just wanted to come here and let everyone know how enlightened I am vs. them. Cya! In all seriousness ive played damn near every PvP centric MMO ever. Ive had my time as a ganker, but found it far more rewarding to protect the noobs, have them branch off into other guilds that become your bannermen/women, whom can be called upon during times of great stress. Looking forward to BDO and building a nice empire. Shogun_Sol in game.
  4. Gona sorc till Musa comes out... something about Musa I just love to play.
  5. Ive played alot of Beta's over the years, this one felt like it was ready for release Pretty excited to jump in and really make a permanent hold in this world
  6. LOL. This is a sign of a great character creation engine.
  7. unfortunately sometimes the mechanics of PvP are unavoidable. I've played many pvp games and you should not fret. Join a LARGE clan, the largest. Then go deep into there territory and live relatively free forever. Its not to bad in this game because the death penalty is really nothing at all.
  8. Haha I suppose I am showing my age as a gamer in there 30s. But I personally have heard NOTHING of anything carrying over, and would love to at least get to play the game a day or two early for testing. thatd be cool.
  9. So far im LOVING the combat, its responsive, its intuitive, its NON TAB TARGET. Sorry but in this game you actually have to LEARN moves and Memorize how to activate them. Hence the skill portion of the game. The combat is an upgrade of ESO combat in every way. Im pretty happy with my combat experience in this game so far. Promising indeed.
  10. Nothing. You may get a beta skin. But no beta ever has allowed progress to carry over.
  11. Wait... By camera follow left stick do you mean tab target? Cause that's a step backwards. Just so you guys know it should build up into combos... Almost like playing a fighting game. That's what makes it so skills based opposed to just push X button.
  12. Love where your heart is with this post. BUT, I should warn you that from what ive seen with this game, and during my epic and eternal MMO hunt on PC. BDO's most hated feature is the fact that it is far TO gear based.
  13. LoL how excited are you now. Im actually at work (24hr shifts) so im gona download the game and pass out Dive in tomorrow and see what my two class picks play like on a controller. Im going to Wizard or Berzerker. BUT, I do remember the Musa being by far my favorite class on PC combat wise. Hes just so... reactive, and can dodge/ block. Feels right. Unfortunatley I am a MMO vet that understands one must stick with the Meta to truely have fun lol. Also Zerker looks unreal, and I feel the Wizard will be funner on the Xbox Controller than on PC. The spell effects look spectacular.
  14. definitely, probably some cool armor
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