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  1. Hi Community, hi @CM_Valtarra, the newest update caused that Officers aren't able to renew guild members contract's because the renewal function doesn't show up. Please fix that bug as soon as possible. I know how to do that correctly (both people need to be on the same server et cetera) the bug is also reported already on Black Desert official Discord ps4bug-reports Channel. Best regards
  2. Hello Pearl Abyss, Dear Developers, Hi @CM_Valtarra, my newest Quality of Life suggestion is something what happened to a lot of people who are in guilds. I'm talking about "undeclaring" war by accident. What does this mean? When you are in hurry and press the "Options" and then press the "Cross-Button" twice on Guild, it happens that you undeclare war to the first Guild which showed up. What do I want? I suggest that when you want to undeclare war first got a message with something like [Are you sure you want to undeclare War on -GUILD- guild? If yes press "Cross" to accept if not press "Circle"] . With that you aren't able to undeclare War by accident anymore. Best regards
  3. I'm not scared it's just Pearl Abyss announced everything and explained things to the right time but that Information is missing so I'm wondering why.
  4. @CM_Valtarra I have a quick question, you said ( @CM Trent ) that you don't want to let the player's know that they are from a different platform, but how should that work? Actually on PS4 you can by open the Chat, view the Player's PSN profile (Chat>L2+Square on Player's Message). Will that function on Crossplay Server's be disabled or will it still works? If that the case, players will know at that point they can't view the Profile that the person is from a different Platform. It would be nice if you can awnser that small request and bring some light about this if you can, because I saw no one talking about that. Best regards
  5. Hello, my suggestion is an another QOL Suggestion what can improves the game and the controls. Suggestion: Access the different touchpad controls. What does it? : It will allow the User to set an Option ON/OFF on OPTIONS/SETTINGS in-game to choose a different style how the touchpad works. Touchpad? : Yes, right now at the moment you can only use the touchpad to open the Chat but with my suggestion we will able to use it for a few more things where the User can decide if he wants to use it or not. How does the touchpad works? The touchpad can use 3 different control styles (at least that I know), it can work as 1 control button (just press Touchpad), it can work as 2 control buttons (press Touchpad LEFT, press Touchpad RIGHT) or it can work as 4 control buttons (Wipe UP, Wipe DOWN, Wipe LEFT, Wipe RIGHT). What should we use the extra button for? Maybe to place an another Menu like the Map, Guild... or maybe (just a personal wish) we can put something from the ring menu on it. Or even "Emergency Exit" because that would be easier instead of press 4 (5) buttons at the same time. Best regards
  6. Sorry for answering to the topic, but if the crash appears while you aren't at the World Boss, please reinstall the game. I had the same problem with the newest update but after I reinstalled the game the crashes are gone.
  7. Hi Pearl Abyss, here is my full feedback to the blue screen error while world bosses. First my Setup: PS4 Pro, with default 1TB HDD (intern) and 1TB SSD extern (Samsung SSD T5), Black Desert Online (EU digital) is on the SSD installed, DualShock4 PS4 controller, Pearl Outfits (Yes). What Bug/Error? Standard crypted error code: CE-34878-0 A blue screen appears with the error message and close the application and may send the error crypted to the devs. How to reproduce/recreate the Bug/Error? : First need to be clear there is a big factor which is required to got this to work. You need a world boss to a decent time where 50+ Player's are on it. Now you have several options to get a blue screen: 1st You used one or both of following functions "character optimization " and "hide other adventurers" before/while you are at/near the world boss. Now while over 50 Player's are at the same spot and fighting the "player optimization" and "hide other adventurers" will set itself to "ON" by default that means it doesn't matter if you have it on or not it will just blend out other characters, if the world boss is defeated it will itself turn "OFF". When you use one or both functions how I described it, you can get mostly a blue screen because the system seems to have trouble to handle it correctly by switching it ON/OFF. 2nd You are late or join to a mid battle against a world boss and got a blue screen by just "arriving", that happened to my ranger while I used "speed plus skill" (Press L1 + L2) and dashed (R2) to a world boss (in that case Kzarka). It seems that I was to "quick" and the loading and set ON/OFF of "character optimization/hide other adventurers" didn't work properly. 3rd you are asynchronous with the current game, like the game loaded fast and you can attack the world boss already / attack him earlier then others or the world boss is still survive but he should be already dead, that cause you to get the blue screen too. There are of course more methods to recreate this error. Special Information's This Bug/Error appears/happens mostly at Kzarka and Karanda. My theory: There are the most player on it that's why it mostly happens on Karanda / Kzarka. It seems to be some kind of "Memory / Performance" issue, because the most Crash report's I watched are very similar to my experiences. How to prevent this Error/Bug? 1st Don't use the "character optimization" or "hide other adventurers" function, it will turn itself ON when it's needed even it's run very poorly (very low FPS). 2nd if you are using a SSD with a PS4 pro (you can of course as a standard PS4 too) you can also try the world boss on server's with lower player counts, the optimization will not itself turn on (like only 40 people on world boss) and you can still fight the world without much lagging. 3rd Let the world boss first finish his first animation so he is fully loaded into the game (you can see it on the health bar of the world boss) just to prevent asynchronous. 4th try not to use attacks with overloaded effect's that eats a lot of frames (by Ranger: Wrath of Earth for an example). 5th don't spawn to close to the world boss, that can causes crashes too. When I follow the hints mostly I don't get the Error anymore, maybe it works for you too but I can't promise it. Best regards
  8. Yes, I recreated this with a guild salary increase (because it's the same menu screen) and was able to accept this but was unable to denied the contract. It's better now but if you don't want to accept the contract you have still to restart the game. Just to be sure I even tried to use a second controller. It's maybe a rare issue but at least you can accept now the contract.
  9. I fully agree with your opinion about forced value packs. I disagree this suggestion too.
  10. After the newest update you are only able to use auto run or auto path to nodes or quest locations but you are not able to mark a random location on map anymore. This needs to fix as soon as possible! Edit: Restart game and console didn't work.
  11. If you are on the map screen while you mark something and got an invitation from a guild, you can not do anything because the guild invitation screen as your controls are frozen too. The only way is to restart the game.
  12. I disagree full with that, besides the pc version is much further than the console version's it will also inbalance many things. One another thing is on "PC" you have more options, grinding is easier et cetera... so no.
  13. No, it will just split the Playerbase, reduce the drop rate and a lot of people will be just stealing everyone's mobs.
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