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  1. Thanks, We also are accepting alliances too so feel free to alli with us in the beta!!
  2. We are not saying our guild name yet because we don’t want it stolen but we are a Guild that will be very active and devoted to the game, both in the beta and the full launch of the game, we will be a jack of all trades Guild so we will be in PvE PvP life skills; everything the game has to offer we would like for active and dedicated players to join. We welcome everyone from new players to veterans and hardcore players even casual, whatever your interest in the game is as long as you are here to enjoy it and have fun and meet new people like us you are welcome. So if you want to join us and experience everything the game has to offer from day one like the rest of us, come join us. Just add me on Xbox and Discord; we also have a group on Xbox, so if you want to join any of those just add me Xbox or send me a message to my gamer tag or on here. And I’ll add you and get back to you. Thank you for taking your time to see and read my post and I hope to see you all in game and have fun! PS. And don’t forget to ask me for an invite to our Guild, Discord if you want to join it. Xbox gamer tag: PredatorYautja Discord name: FennecAllityFox#1928 Club name: Black Desert Beta LFG English. The group name will change once the game launches and we have our guild name that we want and everything. Thank you. FennecAllityFox
  3. 12: Will there be a option to scale the UI for smaller tv screens. Because my tv is not one of the new ones and cuts off some of my screen on all four corners sadly so I have to rely on games to have that option for me to see everything.
  4. I'm defenitly going sorceress she will be my main, mainly cause I love dark magic and ranged casting classes, plus she just looks like a lot of fun and my type of class I love playing in games so yeah.
  5. First ill make my perfect character, then ill probably go level up a bit and start my horse breeding/cooking/farming Other than that just explore and try out all the classes and make a guild etc...
  6. Definitely the sorceress, I love dark magic and casting or melee classes a lot, also she just looks like so much fun so I can't wait to play her she will be my main. I also like the lahn dual welders are also so much fun also she can fly what is there not to love?
  7. 1: Defenitly the character creation, it looks amazing and I can't wait to no life it trying to make all my characters look amazing. 2: Exploring the world and seeing everything. 3: Life skiling, horse breeding and training in particular, to get all perfect T9 horses of all types to fill up my wagon with, but I also plan to do cooking,farming and alchemy. 4: PvE, I love fighting bosses and doing raids etc.... 5: Gearing up all my characters and making them OP as well as trying all the classes.
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