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  1. There's no Loggia tools yet
  2. XD with my kutum reachs TET with 130fs, and start try with 80fs XD
  3. Lol, that's calls RNG. You can have an a good luky stricke dooing a roll for pen with 10fs and rich that in the first attempt
  4. Thanx bro, i finally done the tome 12, now waiting to finish the tome 14
  5. Hi, i try to completed the tome #12 and in the first mision i can't finish it becose Desalam only acept the 100 kutum aura, and the book want to give her only 2 aura, lol i'm stick i can't complete the #_#_@&#&$& tome
  6. We don't have Margoria update and you ask for the sail boat and respective daily quest, LOL
  7. Lol, delete the item un your inventory. The tarde ítems have a time limita wen You can tarde whit an NPC, if that time End You can't do the tarde with any tarde manager
  8. You must do the black spirit lain quest and finish then, also do the mediha line
  9. Go to rbf on no crossplay server and the problem is solved lol
  10. Each of these "decisions" opens a different path of history and generates different knowledge within the game to increase the "effort". In the long run it is convenient to make each of the story lines with the different alternate characters to obtain as much knowledge as possible. Regardless of the host line taken the rewards are the same, so it doesn't matter what decision you make, in the end you get to the same point on different paths.
  11. To finish that line quest You must have conect that comercial node to velia, then sail to the island and buy the iten You need, after that you must return with the item to the npc in altinova PD: sorry for the redaction, english is no't My lenguage
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