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  1. If you are stuck on the 99% screen and nothing happens after a few hours, what worked for me was while staying on that screen press xbox guide button, sign out of your profile, then sign back in when prompted. That got the additional download instantly finished for me.
  2. There will only be 2 servers, NA and EU. If you can purchase the game from your store but your country is outside those regions, your store region gets determined by a way xbox has it set up. example israel south africa turkey - EU server mexico - NA server. This important for stuff like the pre order bonuses that is tied to store region. They are working on getting the game sold in the australian and nz srores and are waiting on classifications. ( maybe the game shows to much skin 🤣🤣🤣) What server you will be part of I am not sure. Sure you will know which servers xbox usually groups you guys with. From this topic.
  3. https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=51&category=0 Ok according to this we can change servers, but pre order bonuses are only for the the region you ordered it from. So what region will South africa fall under?, I would assume eu. But would like some solid info on it if anyone knows.
  4. @[CM] Simon Trying to find out if we will be able to choose between us and eu servers when we start up the game like elder scrolls, or will the store we bought it from determine our server. Pre order states "IMPORTANT: The item packages included in the bundles will only be sent to the server that corresponds to the region where the product is purchased." This seems to imply the former, so how will it effect countries that can buy the game outside of those regions, will we be put in a server that is closer? Like mexico - us or south africa - eu ect
  5. I think I added the dye menu to my ring menu. Then it pretty much work to same as pc version. Choose parts of outfit to dye ect. Got merv palette through mail so didn't have to look for dye.
  6. Hold down LT and the option should pop up.
  7. ps early access is just paid open beta 🤣
  8. okay, first off. Dont mix console and pc, console has game preview, which is essential same as open beta. On pc side every mmo that has launched in the past years has carried over open beta progress! Even black desert did it in korea and japan! Dauntless just recently launced into open beta and will not have wipes, unless told otherwise on pc, if game goes into open beta, there will be no more wipes. Even the best mmorpg out there moonlight blade is still in open beta and has been out for years lol
  9. Open Beta on PC(and sometimes consoles) Just means soft launch. Nearly every mmo that launches into open beta carries your progress over, most never leave open beta as it is considered a launch. I have closed beta and open beta tested nearly every mmo that came out in the last 3 years and ones that are still in dev.
  10. So disappointing by this, really didn't want till the end of the year for this.
  11. I do not know the in and outs of Australia, but why not use gift cards for different regions? I am from south africa and have purchase numerous games not available in my region, in japan store, uk store and us one. Also hope it being rated means the release is soon!( End of June was my guess).
  12. This would be amazing, would love not to spent hours on launch creating characters. But I think if they planned something like that we would have got it already.
  13. Like Darthaden said. Also all those can be played in single player to, private lobby or server, they are mostly just base building and defending. They usally contain no quests or npcs or very few. You dont really have a persistant character if you play online as you have to start over if you swap servers for any reason, you can also set your own rules a server you run, like god mode, build materials ect.
  14. It will be a while before BDO will have proper competition, Dark & Light and citadel are not mmorpgs, survival games with multiplayer same as ark and conan. Ascent for sure( simply because it has house building, the one thing missing from BDO!), but i am worried about the quality on that one as it is Bluehole. Agree about ESO, it is the only decent one around. I think when blade and soul + Bless online drops for console there is gonna be a good balance!
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