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  1. Frankly I don't care about this topic anymore as I've already quit this game for FFXIV but I don't know how to close the thread. Anyways nobody got what I was saying and seeing the recent post proves nobody will. Have a good day, don't bother replying.
  2. I'm going to guess that since I'm not getting replies that this thread is already being ignored. I'd just like to point out that the few people who have responded have dodged the issue at hand by trying to give excuses, and once again, the pay to win aspect already exists in the game. Like I've stated before, I can't hand someone real money if I have to trade them something in return for the item that equals out to the item's marketplace value. Obviously the game is somehow still running after all this time, but the longevity of the game is going to depend on player communications and interactions someday and all you've got in that aspect are twinked out gankers and world chat memers. The game's remaining lifespan is, unfortunately, quite short due to the lack COOPERATIVE options... also thanks to Pearl Abyss for making a great game and then leaving it to rot!
  3. I understand that, but with the trades requiring equal payment to its marketplace value it's not like I can just trade someone ten dollars for something, I'd have to pay like every other person, it would be just like a normal central market transaction. Just between two specific people. Since the ability to buy things like costumes to sell on market already exist the idea of selling things for real money technically already exists in-game anyways. There's nothing stopping me from making hundreds of millions off costumes and stuff, except for my wallet not being that deep. I believe if the system works the way I described, things like gold sellers still won't be able to happen, because how can I buy gold if I have to give them something EQUAL to the amount of gold they wanna trade?
  4. Take this for example. On xbox NA central market the ultimate weapon reform stone has a price range on market that has a HUGE fluctuation. It's an 800k deviation from cheapest to highest. Central market TRADES would need to take place in person, on the same server, same channel. Think of it like a convenience store. Your paying 6.2m on central market for it to be delivered, anywhere you are, any time. In person you won't have to worry about the tax, and between travel times and inconvenience dropping the price to something like 5.5m is not the end of the world, and promotes player interaction and cooperation and then people who play as marketers now have an entirely new, more involved system to play with. Now you have reasons to build relationships between pvp/pve guilds and life skill guilds. Now you have new ways for non pvp players to compete through these interactions for customers and gathering spots... give it a short amount of time and both player community and economy will look more realistic and stabilized. And even if you drop the price all the way down to 5.45m, you might get a quick sale but you hurt your potential income due to the humongous price range your given just for that item. Did I mention it leaves room for bartering, haggling and deal breaking between groups of people that will also in turn help grow player interaction rate. You don't want a game with as much potential as this one to have most of its player interactions based around ganks and senseless world chat banter. On the topic of you trading an item to your other account, you still have to trade something back, it isn't free. There's no way for you to trade between yourself to make more money... you craft an item worth 1 mil, trade it to yourself for 750k, sell it later for 1 mil... you've still only gained 1 mil. There is no loophole.
  5. To break it down for people who don't understand. Say a health potion is 1000 silver. You want to sell it to someone specific. You open the central market trade window. Place the item. Now it gives you a market value and the other person has to pay you an item OR silver equal to that to a degree. It obviously doesn't need to be exact, that'll never work with the fluctuation of prices already on the market. But each item has a price range, therefore you already have a predetermined range you can use to buy said potion. So say theres a potion on the market for 1000, range is from 880 to 1000 on listings, you can private sell to someone for less and guarantee they get it as well as be able to sell items more often if you can work the market. Its a win win for both parties, minimal opportunity for abuse. It isn't a new idea, and done even semi-correctly would be beneficial to the community in a massive way
  6. Which is why I said implement a central market TRADE window. Did you read anything I wrote?
  7. I imagine this has been touched on at one point or another but I've just been annoyed by an in-game interaction with the central marketplace menu so I'm gonna rant here. Besides "preventing currency trading", why can't we trade amongst friends again? I'm playing on Xbox, as far as I know we can't trade. So when I'm playing a Shai, go gather a bunch, make a ton of Refined Grain Juice for my friends, and then have them ask for that amount on central market at a price nobody asked for so they wouldn't be contested... why does it instead sell to the highest wishlist offer. Frankly if I can't play in any cooperative manner what's the point of a game that has so many steep requirements for building, gathering, crafting... etc. Essentially, why didn't it just sell at the price I asked for instead of trying to give me a better deal? Absurd, I know, but maybe I have an item I wanna sell that I don't believe should be that expensive so I want to choose the lower options available, so that people who don't have *just enough* can afford it as well. And also, where would the harm be in implementing a trade window BASED on the central market? Essentially a central market PRIVATE deal using the world's predetermined values of items so that the person you wanna sell it to is GUARANTEED the item instead of fighting over the other 27,799 wishlist offers. Come on, as a game developer one would think you've played a video game before, right? Did nobody think of this or is it that nobody actually cares?
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