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  1. Dread

    Ring Menu Bug

    After the 4/14/20 updates the ring menu has been bugged. Images are now overlapping each other making it hard to see what I am actually trying to select.
  2. I can not recall if I have posted this yest. If I did I apologize. This relates to the Bartali Farm and Finto Farm nodes. I have invested into both the potato and chicken resources in both nodes, but I am not obtaining any potatoes. I have pulled the workers and even removed all resources from the the node investments and re invested again, still no potatoes only getting chicken and eggs. This has been tested for hours and days with 0 potatoes produced.
  3. Issue: Not able to tame horses after Kazarka World Boss battles. I have only noticed this issue so far directly after fighting Kazarka. I will update if I notice it happening at other times. What Happens: I equip taming rope and get with in range of a wild horse, but the blue target cursor never turns red. What I have tried: I have tried changing servers, closing the game / exiting and relaunching it, I have signed out of my Xbox Live account and back in, all failed. Eventually after about 15 minutes of trying everything the issues seems to go away.
  4. Dread

    A Farming "Bug"

    While Pruning or killing insects the following message appears " You can not interact while performing the current action." This again appears after the action has been completed, but still does not interfere with the process. Also, not sure if it is suppose to do this or not, but breeding or pruning one plant I have noticed it consuming multiple energy points some times for that one plant.
  5. I have noticed odd messages appearing at the top center of the screen after performing certain farming activities. I only started noticing this round 2/28/20. When performing the act of plant breeding each and every time one of the following will appear: " Facility tool does not exist." or " The Gathering time is invalid." This appears right after the action counter has completed. The action does fully complete and it is not interfering with the plant breeding process. I do get another message appearing when weeding or killing bugs but I did not write that down. I Will give updates if it is still continuing and what the message is after the patch this week.
  6. The Issue: The game is randomly going to the loading screen. The loading screen that appears where the little running man is being chased by the black spirit. The Action: I have only noticed this issue while setting my horse or wagon on an auto loop. The When: This has no specific time frame and can happen as soon as 10 minutes into the auto loop rotation, or even a few hours in. I had this happen 2 times this morning with in a 30 minute period. This issue has happened a total of 5 times so far. When the game is done loading I am standing in one location where my wagon is near the end of the auto loop path in a different location. The Where: This is happening north of Heidel before you get into the safe zone, not inside safe zone. I will include updates as I test out other locations.
  7. I have noticed 2 issues. When I am standing in my fishing boat, sometimes I just fall right through it into the water. That only happens once in a blue moon. The second issue happens every time.I will be AFk fishing and if the game crashes, boots me off, or the Xbox just powers off; when I log back in I am always never in my boat but swimming in the water.
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