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  1. Are you still having this issue? This literally happens to me all the time, and I have to restart the application until it works.
  2. Am I ever going to get a response to this?
  3. These past couple of days the game has been unplayable. Once I manage to log in which usually takes 2-3 tries the game loads up but then I can't interact with anything. I hold triangle, nothing happens and then I immediately get disconnected. I know this isnt a wifi issue because I have 2 versions of the game and this only happens in the US one. So far I've been pretty disappointed with the performance of the game comepared to the PC one, and if this keeps up I probably won't continue playing (or trying to play for that matter) . Some help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Oh, that's a shame. Thanks for answering though.
  5. A few days ago a friend of mine received the desert fox pet. It was in his inventory but he doesn't remember how he got it. Does anyone else know so I could get one too, if there a quest you have to do or something? Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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