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  1. My game keeps crashing to the PS4 desktop with error code CE-34878-0 at two particular instances regularly. Firstly, at world boss Karanda. Sometimes just seconds before the spawn time. Sometimes mid fight. Sometimes the moment he dies. This has happened to me around 10 times in the last week or so. Initially I thought it may the attack that calls the wave of Harpies to spawn is what may be the cause as that seems to happen when I experience the crash. But that doesn’t account for the pre-spawn crash. And I have made it through the fight when Karanda has done that attack with no crash. I wonder if it’s terrain or a character ability that’s causing the crash? Idk. Secondly. Same crash and error when I check a horse into a stable. This is less frequent. Has only happened 3-4 times in the last week. But it’s something I do less frequently than fight a world boss. In my particular instance it only seems to happen if I check the horse in while my character is on its back. But this just could be a coincidence. from a hardware perspective. I’m running on a PS4 pro with an External SSD. Hope you folks can find and squash this/these bugs. The Karanda one is particularly heartbreaking when you’re still frantically trying to find your 1st Dande :).
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