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  1. Thank you for the suggestions still! We appreciate the help : ) He told me that he might've found a solution? He hasn't tried it yet but if it does work then I'll just edit into this. If he doesn't then i'll submit a ticket. Thanks again and for the link! - Yeetin Edit: Okay so he fixed it (I don't know what he did). Thank you again for the suggestions!
  2. Even the new UI is a bit confusing for me haha, but he does seem to understand it.. We play on Valencia-1, and we actually didn't think of switching servers. Him and I are still pretty new to this thing (we did only get the game for Christmas), but how do you do tickets? Thanks again for the response! I did look it up but I still found it a bit confusing im sorry ;-; - Yeetin
  3. To my knowledge the quest completely disappeared. He has tried looking for stuff that may fix it online and even tried other quests hoping it might fix itself, but sadly it has yet to do so. I'd recommend just remaking his character but it is a hassle to just constantly level up (especially with a chance of the same thing occurring). I'm seriously bamboozled, as is he ;-; I think this is a reply that you'll see... I still don't exactly know how this works! - Yeetin
  4. So this problem isn't occurring for me, my fiancé is having a problem with this quest (Me being my kind self decided to look for help). So he finished the part where you visit the abandoned monastery, but nothing appeared after he finished that. He looked everywhere and even went to where (info gathered from videos and other posts) you're supposed to go next and nothing appeared. I was hoping someone on here could help! I also apologize if this Isn't where this is meant to be asked.. - Yeetin
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