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  1. Let me start with this: I think the systems in place are awesome! With that said, I think there could be more on the power level advancement aspect of black desert. I know PEN is the highest level of gear advancement in the game now and for the sake of the game, it's fine but what if there was more? Introduce ULT weapons that can only be obtained by upgrading a PEN. This might seem like it's unnecessary but what if it wasnt just a static weapon, what if it was rng stats? My idea is that the ULT weapon can only be obtained by sacrificing a PEN weapon to rng gods. This might sound imbalanced but if I had a PEN green rosar weapon that I want to ULT, it's going to give me a poor chance at obtaining a powerful ULT weapon, compared to a PEN kzarka weapon. The best part about it for the players is that you can ULT any PEN for free! This system would add a nearly infinite loop of gameplay focused round either PENing green weapons for a chance of a powerful ULT or earning boss gear and PENing that to ULT with higher percentage chances to obtain the perfect ULT.
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