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  1. I would assume if you are talking about a controller that simply has a second set of buttons you can map to the current buttons it's unlikely you will find any problems. Example; sony's additional button attachment to a DS4 works just fine. I also know Brook fighting PS3/PS4 works. (please don't ask me why I've used an arcade stick for BDO).
  2. I don't know if that would even work... Don't you have to go forward and back, because if your character doesn't actually move I think it kicks you out. The actions look random/running random because I think most people are actually holding the controller and moving. Just watching a movie/vid/playing something else on another screen.
  3. I would be surprised if it's only ps4 players... that said, this whole "our console/community is better" bs has to stop.
  4. Honestly who gives AF. PVP in BDO is gear based. If you've played team pvp in a gear based game you know matches will be unbalanced more often then not regardless of AFK bodies. LoL A way to prevent this? Good luck with that. It's been an issue on the pc for how long now? and they can simply make a macro to walk back and forth rather then having to move manually.
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