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  1. I WAS NOT CANCELLING A WORKER! I was adding another worker when there was 7 all ready active. I had the open worker selected, I picked the material they would be using, then I hit the repeat task button to get them working on several repetitions. Right when the calculation pad for the worker repeat function came up there was a approximately 2 second lag then the wagon reset. You can't cancel workers or reset tasks while you are in that menu. And this is somehow my fault? And policy says you won't help people even if it isn't fault? I wouldn't guess that you don't have much longer before I quit . You need to get this cleaned up . I have better things to do than make up ridiculous stories as to why I can't do something right in front of my face (which I can) like making a long term project or fixing a bug or compensating someone for thier wasted time . That is what you guys seem to excel at. If you had just looked into the details of the event you would see things that couldn't have happened in normal operational conditions
  2. I just met someone else that quit bdo and took half his guild with him due to the same bug. The GM said the same thing to them as they did to me. I will keep trying to resolve this , but I refuse to play a game I have financially supported to be treated in this manner.
  3. Bump. Still not fixed in any way
  4. You need to do something to fix this
  5. So I submitted a ticket and I got a cookie cutter response about not doing anything about crafting items being lost. But the item deleted itself when I was in an area of the game where there is no cancel crafting option! How is this my fault? I am a customer who has bought pearls and brought other players into the game. The item I was crafting takes weeks if not months to finish. I don't understand this utter failure on the part of the support team. This happened because of a problem in the game. Hopefully the GMs don't try to brush this under the table . This is a bunch of garbage
  6. I just linked my in game account to this new profile to help you be able to investigate the problem.
  7. My forest path wagon that was more than half way finished deleted all progress. All of the materials and more than a months worth of worker labor just dissapeared . All in one button click. This happened when I was trying to assign a worker and as far as I can tell there is no cancel all progress or start over option in that area of the options. Only a button for repeat task and selecting which worker and which material they will be adding to the wagon in progress. This happened on NA server on Xbox at 8:01 on calpheon 2 on February 3rd
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