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  1. Howdy Everybody! This Cowboy has been venturing the other realms while we wait for a good solution! Remember, you can’t have passion without love and hate! I love our game but hate the current issue, however, we all know the next solid PlayStation solution comes with the next console release. This being said, maybe we should attempt another approach. Have we tried reaching out to the Sony Community? Maybe they can assist with a temporary solution. We know the hard hitting performance issues are on Sony’s PlayStation series, likely due to the difference in Quality Hardware for today’s gamers. This is being said due to the difference in Microsoft’s Xbox Series. To be fair, Pearl Abyss has done quiet a lot for the resources they have. They can’t fix everything but they have done a lot for everyone, across the spectrum. It is a little much for me but maybe someone else can take the mantle for this! - Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy I almost forgot. It’s YOUR Rodeo Too!
  2. The desync is happening in BA as well.
  3. Keep the feedback going. The forums are one of the few tools we have to keep the Pearl Abyss team informed! Have your friends and family post too. The more variety of User Posts the better. Remember, Its YOUR Rodeo Too!
  4. Howdy Partners! First off, I want to start by thanking Pearl Abyss for bringing us together with the Xbox Community! Everyone was a little gun shy, but Xbox is just as amazing and full of character as any of us! Now for the sad portion of this thread: Since the update, I have seen a huge decrease in performance. Now, I know everyone says “Go Buy am SSD”, and I want to get right on that, however, that is not the first solution any user should seek. The reason being, the issue may not be fixed solely due to an SSD. The generation of the console plays a huge role as well. You don’t have to take my word for it, though, I have asked around and gathered minimal data to support this claim. I apologize for not referencing the player base that gave us the data. The key to my argument may seem arbitrary, but no one should have to invest another $100 - $500 (Highend assuming you buy a newer generation console) knowing that the money invested does not even support Pearl Abyss. I may or may not spend that money if it went partially or in full to Pearl Abyss, as I am a team player. This is dragging on. Mr. Kaniso what issues are you referring to? There is a huge drop in frames. This is in PvE and PvP environments. I main RBF so this is where my concern started. To be fair I went back out into the PvE of Balenos Server and encountered the same issue, with less players around. When the console begins rendering objects and players that have not been or begun being rendered, frame rates drop and all executable commands cease. This may not seem like a huge issue to some so I will paraphrase the issue with a metaphor : Its hard to eat cereal when your spoon is too heavy to pick up. The PS4 Slim operating systems and supporting hard ware cannot keep up, they are weighed down and will not work properly. You can play, but it will be very unpleasant. On a final note , I understand that an entity can only do so much at any one time. I am not trying to curse or holler at Pearl Abyss. I just want to give my view and opinion on the matter. Thank you for the most enjoyable past few months! It is an experience I will never wish to take away! - Kaniso , Balenos’ Resident Cowboy
  5. So, as of the day of this post, we have been needing members so we can do quests to get points. We are working on getting buffs as we speak.
  6. Will there be any changes to World Boss or Field Boss spawn rates/ Timers?
  7. Howdy, Everyone! I though we could give this a try, instead of flat out bombarding our streaming services. Next week for the 4th of March, the Pearl Abyss team will be having a stream to cover details on the patch and cross play. I request that this thread should be closed a day prior to the stream. Let us try to put some good, honest and moral questions in here. This is to form a simple feed back system for them and us. See y’all in the Rodeo! -Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy
  8. Kaniso

    RBF Quickfix

    Thanks to Kitina for helping us find out how to do this! To load faster in RBF, goto your setting > notifications > press start/options and turn off ALL notifications. Goto settings> sharing and broadcasting > length of video clip set to 30 seconds YEEEE HAAAAAW! ——————————— I want to apologize. The effects are not as great as intended. T
  9. Howdy, Y’all and a Great Big: YEEE HAAAAW! I’m here to bring you some of best Rodeo Feedback you will ever read, your eyes might just melt from all the action! But first, a story. One day a lonely Cowboy was traveling, a Nomad if I may. Vast deserts covered the land as did lush, dark forests and towering cities of Stone and Steel alike. Finally, there it was. The perfect homestead, the most positive and active citizens of an entire realm! B A L E N O S ! It was to be his home, the Cowboy could finally settle. The Red Battlefield has been our Rodeo since. The fights can be one-sided, the teams can be unbalanced and the Champions Over Powered, but it’s home. It’s OUR Sport. The people of Balenos took action and made it theirs. Guideliness —————————— 1. NO Afk 2. NO Entering Spawn 3. Avoid CampLock to avoid Spawn Camp Methods include : Use Defenders for your spawn for their ONE Responsibility. Don’t go past designated zones of your choosing. 4. Drop as a group 5. Stay in groups 6. Use Team Fight Tactics 7. Respect the other team 8. COMMUNICATION through Team Chat We at Rodeo Management want to suggest these guidelines. We cannot and will not tell you that you have to. We know the difference between Sportsmanship-played-matches and those that are not. Our Top Priority is to share this amazing spectacle with you! Oh, I almost forgot... Remember, It’s YOUR Rodeo Too! - Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy
  10. I have not done it. The video I watched had them really really close, they backed up after getting there
  11. Worst case you can move that cannon much closer until you are close enough to render the shots
  12. YEEEE HAAAAW! We got some more simple but Useful information, Partners! Age_of_Sin compiled this for us, send them some Valentines Event love! Please Note : The following information may be incorrect or “off” depending on your viewing date! Try using any of these in a combination to gain more experience quickly : This is for Combat Experience in particular Items and Effects that give Exp Level Up Event - 100% Book of Combat - 100% Golden Bell - 100% Secret Book of Old Moon - 100% EXP Elixir - 10% or 15% Sweet Tea - 8% Church Buff of Growth - 10% Villa Buff (EXP) - 10% Magic Crystal Exp (Helmet) - 10% Full Outfit - 10% Exp Scroll** - 5% Blood Frenzy - 100% or 200% Exp Scroll*** - 10% Side Notes: (*) Event or Player Activated (**) Can be gathered at any “Campfire”.(I suggest Sausan’s or Shultz, they have plenty) (***) Given through a quest Well how about that! Give ol’ Sin a big thank you and a letter of affection! YEEE HAAAAW! Kaniso Out! - Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy
  13. Something like that would be useful. Especially to help coordinate combat. - Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy
  14. Kaniso

    BDO MoBA

    The key to this is the BDO PvP experience
  15. I think it was just due to the increase they did during that event. It was high for that period only.
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