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  1. Something like that would be useful. Especially to help coordinate combat. - Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy
  2. Kaniso

    BDO MoBA

    The key to this is the BDO PvP experience
  3. I think it was just due to the increase they did during that event. It was high for that period only.
  4. Balenos Community Family of PS4 NA Family Names and First Names Vanguarde - Kaniso Losthope - Gruvia EasyWeezy - Hylee_UwU HalcyonX - SkullCandee Tsunaki - Neurosis Kaixam - Epsuna Ty_Hannah - Xuna_Hannah Mild - MorbidPanda Oboro_Iga - Atradies Empryean - Bunshin WarmBlood - MMO Mw2 - Assistance VoxAKIRA - KindKare A Special Thank You Too All Of You!❤️
  5. Additional question to pin point the issue. are you using digital copy or physical copy of the game
  6. Howdy Everybody! Some of us were talking. Had a GREAT Idea: Black Desert Online - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. BDO MOBA for short. We can all agree BDO is a gear check game, however, under that is “Player Skill” aka Skill Check. A lot of us enjoy PvP because of the skill check. What if we move this aspect into a new game mode. Other Games have their “PUBG” or Battlegrounds version, why not us? Great Idea but where do we start? The format is already present from our legacy predecessors: League of Legend and DoTA. You get to pick from any of our classes, either Awakened OR Succession. You have the Diamond map format. You get 1 of each class per team, limiting a full spell caster squad UNTIL Balances are made. We can work on the item section. Maybe you buy armor individually or in sets. Your accessories are where the real strategy comes in. Throw in a few buffs and such on items to add more tactics. That is assuming we don’t stay with our current game model. In closing, this idea seems amazing. I for one would play the Total Heck out of it!! What do y’all think? -Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy
  7. Piggy backing on this thread name. Well Partners I just wanted to throw another crash bug in here. I have had several regulars complain of Game Crashing during RBF. This is about as much info as I have though. One report was just simply, crashing during RBF Multiple Times. Another report is crashing when swapping servers , joining RBF and finally blue screen DURING Loadscreen. Thanks for your time!
  8. Added A Shai Brigade Section! Yeee Haaw! Show them some support!
  9. Applicants should post their in game name. We can send friend requests through PSN but this would also be helpful. Responses to applicant posts will be made through a reply message and not necessarily through this topic.
  10. Howdy Partners! It’s finally here. Are you interested in Role Play? Are you interested in supporting the community? How about just Life Skilling? Balenos is a RP-centric guild. We help the Balenos server by using encouragement and positive affirmation! We respect the fact there are children whom play this and that they need to be limited to the negativity of the world, prior to being a young adult. We avoid using harsh choice words in World and Server Chat. If nothing else, support our Shai Brigade : @Epsuna ; @KindKare ; @TinyLilac ; @Dr_Miya Primary Rules: We are on PS4 - NA - Home Server is Balenos 1 or 2 1. Respect the community 2. No homophobic or racial remarks 3. Respect World and Server Chats 4. Role Play is the center the Guild is based around. 5. Report Bugs properly 6. Last but not least : Support the Community through various methods! Some of the current activities are : #B2RBF #B2RBF - Ad - (world boss timer) We are looking for leaders to place in the community. PvP is not out of the question, as a future plan may be to implement a Police Force for PKers of new characters! We will try to edit this topic as we expand and the community grows! Remember - It’s YOUR Rodeo Too! -Kaniso, Balenos’ Resident Cowboy
  11. How are y’all today? Looks like everyone is doing great! I’m doing great as well, thanks for asking! A little bit of a suggestion for the Rodeo(RBF). What if you removed the quick join feature. What I’m saying is: what if you have to join or already be on the server for the RBF you want to participate in? We on Balenos pride ourselves in our sportsmanship and well-built-community. Is it not fair to make this a standard of practice for all servers? It may be far fetched but I think this would help! I’ll see y’all in the RO-DE-O! Yee Haaw! -Kaniso , Balenos’ Resident Cowboy
  12. Howdy everybody! I PvP a lot, so I use my Ring Menu for Skills. Could you consider adding the Maid and Workers options to the Main Menu/Options Menu? Possibly, there may be others to consider. This is just a good start.
  13. I think RBF is one of the best aspects of BDO, partner. I also think there is much to be done, to fix it!
  14. Howdy Cowdets! A breakdown of the simple mechanics: Wizard and Witches are spellcasters, however, during this time they are immobile. Front Guard : This defensive category will block all damage until the front guard drops to 0. It only works on forward defended attacks! Super Armor: This defensive Buff immunizes you from CC Indirectly. A Good Hit will still apply the effect! Gear Score: You have different Gear Score for Armor, Weapon, Awakened Weapon, Subweapon(applies a general score to weapons) And Succession. This is the most IMPORTANT SINGLE MECHANIC. Everything scales off this for better or worse! The best method to avoid damage from Spellcasters is using Frontguard. Use these items to learn and achieve your desired results!
  15. Hello, Community! During my time in the Rodeo(RBF) I have met many Champions of BDO! It’s always an amazing experience and different each time. The One constant, though, is people ask for different maps in rotation or alternative game modes. The map is unbalanced for Consoles, but by adding a different scoring system it could fix it. Anyone that has had a hardcore match might agree a MOBA setup(with the current playable Champions as they are coded) would be fun. A 10v10 capturing zones to push for the Key Location (DoTA and LoL setups.) Capture the Flag or Capture the Hill are also valid. Point-in-hand, the issue right now is the point system almost encourages CampLocking. But, there is so much room for growth. See Y’all in the Rodeo! -Kaniso , Balenos’ Resident Cowboy
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