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  1. Well, it looks like they will be supporting platform specific channels. It is possible they will consider reverting the 40% monster reduction for certain channels. Although, from a technical perspective, it is likely these servers will read from the same spawn table.. so it could be a slim chance to see the original PvE experience. Even though it is unfortunate that some players were lost due to the 40% monster reduction change, I do look forward to having more players with the cross-play. Potential complications aside, maybe some of them will come back once it's a bit more exciting/renewed. I feel that from now on development updates will be more streamlined though since they have normalized the game for both platforms and can unify updates. I'm hoping for the best with new content to come soon and a more reliable roadmap.
  2. Per the original concern, it looks like the rush in optimization for Xbox & PS4 cross play/merger was likely the case. Although it has terraformed the game in a bit of an extreme way with the 40% monster reduction. I can only hope that more immediate/additional tweaking to the monster spawns are performed (especially for Hystria) and the pros outweigh the cons in the future. Source: https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=3324&category=0 //Edit: accidentally double posted due to the "Submit Reply" easily duplicating responses upon submission, sorry
  3. Dear Pearl Abyss, The world is barren. Less immersive. Unoriginal. The expanse and wonder of Black Desert has been partly lost with this last update (40% of monsters removed from the game). I used to be able to walk out into the world and see it full of life. Now I have to search for the pieces left of it. It feels partly dead.. if not broken. All of this for maybe a 5 FPS (frames per second) better performance/consistency for specific areas. Please. Help protect my and others investment of time, effort, and love for the game. Revert the change. Restore the monsters back into the world. This game is heavily PvE and just doesn't carry the same essence to PvE like this. Killing monsters does not yield the same benefit anymore due to the lack of monsters spawned that you are able to attack in groups at once (even if the respawn rate is faster, it's less efficient for most areas and AOE abilities, especially end-game like Hystria); it is also in my experience boring and unsatisfying due to the lack of of monsters even if players found a way to make it work as effectively. I understand the motivation may be for the better, but universally changing a product this drastically 10 months after the release of a game is harmful to the integrity of the game/product. The performance improvement is minimal, all at the expense of the good and loved PvE in the game. I believe it was so much fun before, and technically maybe players can make it work killing small packs of pixels... but is this what they signed up for? Is it actually that fun now? We, the playerbase, are not "test bunnies", lab rats or an experimental audience. We came to your product/game with the expectation of a professionally built product. This is not an alpha, or beta. This is a production release of a game with a known design that has been advertised for years. It is unfair to have people beg to get the game they know and have invested their time into back. A 40% global change is a drastic change to a product. These types of radical changes can possibly make people uncomfortable with the game/product.. everytime you shake things up people fall through the cracks because they are missing part of it that made it worthwhile for them to play. Many, many people loved the way it was before, and I have spoken with numerous people since the update and the change does not seem beneficial or enjoyable by most if not all. People are greatly concerned, it doesn't seem worth it. Maybe you have a greater vision with the Xbox and PS4 merger to balance performance... but it just isn't worth changing the core of the game for. It was still very functional before. It's a different game with this change. I can only hope that you revert these monster (npc) spawn changes. I'm assuming as a developer that you are able to restore the Monster (NPC) Respawn data table or startup configuration that you had before the change and reboot the server. It should not require much if any further restoration procedures or patch changes with the mentioned Microsoft certifications since it is all on the backend managed database or startup configuration. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys could get it done within an hour or two. I say this in hopes that you consider restoring the game sooner than later. I hope this reaches you kindly.
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