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  1. Reduce the foliage in the world, give us mobs back. I understand giving the game a sense of beauty, but I can tell you I'm not gonna miss that random tree that cant be harvested or that happy little Bush sitting on a rock I never go to.
  2. 251 ap 296 dp, pending which dagger using. Have to swap if playing high evasion. 1 v 1 she is quick can cc ppl for a good period of time. Kill speed is avg when compared to other classes in same GS area. NW group fights. You will provide range cc although you won't be at the top of kill column in NW, you can be annoying and pick ppl off or chase down. Basically know when to range and when to assassin
  3. Carry both steel/nouver and bronze. I have hotkeys usually class with high evasion bronze will out perform the steel.
  4. I rather have them cut down in the foliage than mobs this grind is slow and boring.
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