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  1. You must farm the Marni at a specific mob as a rare drop (I've been through 7k mobs now, nothing) Then you must fill it with 50k kills at a mob linked to where you farmed that Marni (if you farm it at Fogans, then you have to fill it at pollys) I'm sorry, but WTF?Grind your ass off for days likely, and run half way around the world for a probable ring of crescent? Does PA even play this game? No wonder players quit in droves, you pile grind on top of grind every update to cover for lack of content. And don't even call this update, content either.
  2. If you're being serious, it's a catch phrase A main catchphrase used most famously by professional wrestler "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, used to describe his exciting nightlife with beautiful women he meets, and his designer shoes, watches, and suites. How awesome and good he looks and operates.
  3. When I start up the client (ps4) when I press x to start on main menu it tells me I can't connect to game during refund, please visit the homeage for more information (which there is none) I've restarted client, the ps4, the internet, nothing is working. No, I haven't tried refunding anything. Update: After the 8th restart it now works again for me, I'm not sure if it's been solved for all players or if you have to keep trying or what, so i'll leave this up here just incase.
  4. Shai has to be full dp (since time to kill is so low in this game) just to offer her support as the range on her support abilities are tiny and they don't last long enough so you have to always put yourself in harms way. Then, to compound things, her songs are interruptible by just about everything but a light breeze (archrs/rangers love that one). It takes what seems like ages to "cast" the ability too so there's a big window to be interrupted. Even better, they have no protections on any of them apart from the debuff I think. Oh, now you're getting attacked? Great! Now it'll take you seconds just to switch back to florang (if you manage to get back up off your ass and out of the way before getting cced again, and again, and again) just to have access to your dash/florang combo and your one rubbish frontal block. inb4 "shais oped as dp" Yeah, and I suppose there aren't other classes that can't go dp and are a lot more threatening and hardy, huh? Only reason you don't see many of them is because everyone is obsessed with big damage. The class is unfinished. It's incredibly annoying. The only reason I don't kick her to the curb is the bongo stun, and even that is negated by half the classes iframing/SAing in and grabbing you, or nuking you like the wiz/witch.
  5. There were loads of people swimming around like tards for close to an hour waiting on some chests to spawn and no one got a chest, obvious now that there was probably only one and picked up in the first minute. At the very least gms could have informed people if there were no longer any chests in that area.
  6. Question, why not Rosar wep/sub for pvp, with the ignore 10% resistance set bonus?
  7. I'm a little baffled by how short range both buffs and debuffs are on shai, as well as the low duration on most of them. Shais have very little protection from CCs and debuffs (CC in this game is completely broken btw, there needs to be longer CC immunity) so requiring them to get right in the face of the enemy or right on the front line as a support is madness. If you're going to require a support class to tank, give it more protections from CC. No, filling up on CC resist crystals (which I have tried) doesn't help when multiple CCs come in at once. Double buff and debuff durations across the board OR double the range on buffs and 1.5x the debuffs. Also, it's a bit unfair that you can get so much extra damage against humans on RBF crystals (as well as having those extra hidden AP thresholds) but there is no defensive equivalent, so how about DP crystals that fill the same slots? Yeah, I know what people will say, this game is all about attack attack attack...so why even put the Shai into the game then? It's a half baked class as is. I enjoy playing it as it requires some thought (believe it or not) into what you are going to do in pvp, unlike some *cough* witch *cough* wizard (Had to sneak that in there) No real complaints or suggestion for pve, it's decent at that, though buff improvements would help there too as having to rush to group to buff very often takes away too much damage. Only bug bear is the florang tending to miss 95% of its hits if enemies get too close to you.
  8. Except, it does render everyone in almost immediately. The difference in rbf is night and day, you're at a massive disadvantage without a good SSD. If you don't believe me, ask anyone else what pvp is like with their SSD. They will confirm it.
  9. It's the ps4 hard drive. You need a good SSD to see everyone and get tolerable performance. Not saying it's right, it stinks imo thay you need to pay for additional hardware to run a game clearly too resource intensive for the platform they put it on, but it's just how it is.
  10. I levelled mine one time on 80% after 4 fails. Just BDO rng.
  11. How is this even an issue? I've ran this quest maybe 50 times and still have a bunch of items to tet thanks to the atrocious rng, (along with more destroyed accessories than I can count) besides which I STILL devour items for fs. I will never do it from cm though, it'll be done through reblath/items I grind. As for "PA need to sell enhancement packs" give me a break. I've put hundreds into this game already, if i'm practically forced to pay just to get anywhere with one of the worst upgrade systems I have ever seen, I'm out.
  12. This is for buffs. Many do not use or have a mic, so could there not be phrases applicable to each buff cast by a class that can be added to dpad slots? For example, AP buff ready (shai) It would be helpful.
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