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  1. You are probably fighting potatoes. There’s a reason nobody plays it. I’ve seen People with over the 261 AP bracket dump the DK and say it’s underperforming. If you can one shot a DP witchtard, Striker, mystic warrior or Valkyrie that has around your same gear, send the video clip and I’ll gladly take notes. We can agree to disagree.
  2. Hey @Lipty you mean an iframe that has a 2 second cooldown meanwhile other classes can i frame forever? Seems legit. The issue i have with the iframe is that most classes have lingering effects on all of the AOE attacks so as soon as your iframe ends and enters cooldown, you die from an AoE that was casted 3 seconds ago. The distance you create when iframing is not big enough to get out of an lingering AoE to make the iframe cooldown balanced. Dk’s Can one shot... maybe in PC with 60fps after chaining 5 moves in 3 seconds. That’s never going to happen on console.
  3. I’ve been playing Dark Knight on PS4 since it came out along with my Wizard and i can say Dk is one of the weakest classes in the game right now (if not the weakest). their PVE is “decent” but PVP wise it’s terrible. It just doesn’t make sense to me that my wizard with 180 AP does more damage than my dk that has 245 AP both in PVE and PVP. The most common problem the DK has in PVP (besides their LOW damage and SLOW animations) is how vulnerable they are in awakening form. Most of their abilities don’t even have ANY kind of protection, spirit blaze and twilight dash need super armor or at least frontal guard badly. The AOE and ranged moves like shattering darkness, spirit legacy and seed of catastrophe don’t do a lot of damage and don’t cover a lot of area compared to other classes either ( Seed of catastrophe 200% area is a joke too), not to mention their cooldowns are way too long. My wizard can do 2 cataclysms or aqua jails before my dk’s seed of catastrophe cooldown is over... its that bad. Ohh and one more thing, Grip of grudge... why? Why have such a useless skill? Please for the love of GOD get rid of it!
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