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  1. Hi, My best friend, my girlfriend and I started our own Guild in hopes of building a small guild for the purpose of casual playing together and learning the game. We know that everyone doesn't want to be forced to get on everyday and live for the guild. We each have our own interest and we understand that. FYI - We need 3 more players that we would like to be Officers. Kind of players we are looking for: Beginner (Prefer) Intermediate Expectation: Logon at least once a week. At least one Guild Mission a week Current Guild Interest Gathering, Trade, Alchemy, Horse Breeding, Guild Hall and Elephant Breeding. Personal Information on us: We all like anime We're gamers (All own PC's, Xbox One X, Ps4 Pro's.) Sports Politics (Mainly my friend) Technology nerds (We all work in the IT field)
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