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  1. Aergin Dufal

    Game froze now cant reconnect

    @CM Simon help i cant get back in the game keeps disconnecting me after i left res battle field game froze now cant get back on
  2. Aergin Dufal

    Beta FFA stress test NA

    Gonna hulk smash everyone
  3. Aergin Dufal

    What is your Gamertag?

    XxSoNAeLxX feel free to add
  4. Aergin Dufal

    More silence

    See thats what im talkin about how many more.people are they willing to lose
  5. Aergin Dufal

    More silence

    Im just stating the obvious every comment i read in these forums from everyone they are so passionate about the game and such i am too but it would be nice for a company to realize and appreciate the community they have here and work with us not keep ua in the dark ok so i guess were not that far into fall time seems like its flying by id hate to see somethin like BU drop b4 bdx yhat would be sad but all hype and no results people will leave and find somethin else i hope that pa would understand this and do somethin for forward progress I have known some of you guys and gals from here in the forums great group of people i would just hope that they really do listen to us cuz most companys dont really care about their player base bdx needs to care because its this player base that will make this game or break it. And i know most of you have been waiting a long time and that weighs on someone especially when there has been all the hype. And thats all it has been hype
  6. Aergin Dufal

    More silence

    You would think that as much hype as there ia for this game we would get more upsates thatn the tidbits of useless infomation we have been getting and everyone oohing and ahhing over gameplay videos no one in this forum has been given access to any kind of testing juat employees of pa how are they going to get any real comsumer feed back @CM Simon has lock people out from sending him messages theres a lot of hush hush are they really telling us anything useful? Not in my opinion i think they are just blowin smoke up are a@@es but hey thats just my opinion. And yet the still plaster over their site BETA FALL 2018 already half way thru and still no beta no gameif they are aiming for perfection not gonna happen no game starts out perfect i just wish this company would be open about information to their consumer base because we are a strong community but they are like the boy qho cried wolf and the more this keepa goin everyone who is has or will be excited about this will turn away cuz silence and no meaningful info. Consoles need more MMOS thats a given Hurry up weve all been waiting a very long time for this give us something concrete meet the deadline be open to constructive criticism by the player base to make a great game not juat employees who dont know what real actual players wanna see in the game you guys are ahutting us out but hey like i said its juat my opinion and everyone has one
  7. Aergin Dufal


    I was wondering if the classes are actually going to be balanced better than they are on pc to make.everything viable for pvp and heres a suggestion gearscore shouldnt mean anything in pvp it should be made a level playing field for everyone and the pvp should be based off a persons skill not gearscore just a thought pve its understandable for gearscore
  8. Aergin Dufal

    Status Update!

    So umm anymore status updates did they move to another format ie twitter other soc media or nothin
  9. Aergin Dufal

    Sorc Gameplay video

  10. Aergin Dufal

    Sorc Gameplay video

    Ok it a cool and all gameplay videos but how bout some answers as to when qe can actually play the game why u even doing a sorc vid how soon will that class be released?
  11. Aergin Dufal

    Beginner streamer mixer

    Dont have much else to do with my time i stream on mixer https://mixer.com/XxSoNAeLxX Will exensively stream bdx when it drops
  12. Aergin Dufal

    Status Update!

    ya it seems like they like toying with the community not really greats news or update every game is gonna have flaws irregardless if they are tryin to be perfect release what they have now so people can play it not speculate ya the game can be great imperfections happen on releases its really mind boggling that they keep stringin everyone along "BETA This Fall" bs we are 11 days away from fall and what now there are more delays lol
  13. Aergin Dufal

    Introduction Thread!

    Hey played on pc rather play on console ya eso is messed up on any platform played all of em need somethin fresh waiting game sucks and no answers as far as anything goes no updatea on anything is it even gonna happen? Forums been quiet an nothin new posted from any cm
  14. Aergin Dufal

    Mixer streamer

    Good i need some life skill exp