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  1. Aergin Dufal

    Status Update!

    So umm anymore status updates did they move to another format ie twitter other soc media or nothin
  2. Aergin Dufal

    Sorc Gameplay video

  3. Aergin Dufal

    Sorc Gameplay video

    Ok it a cool and all gameplay videos but how bout some answers as to when qe can actually play the game why u even doing a sorc vid how soon will that class be released?
  4. Aergin Dufal

    Beginner streamer mixer

    Dont have much else to do with my time i stream on mixer https://mixer.com/XxSoNAeLxX Will exensively stream bdx when it drops
  5. Aergin Dufal

    Status Update!

    ya it seems like they like toying with the community not really greats news or update every game is gonna have flaws irregardless if they are tryin to be perfect release what they have now so people can play it not speculate ya the game can be great imperfections happen on releases its really mind boggling that they keep stringin everyone along "BETA This Fall" bs we are 11 days away from fall and what now there are more delays lol
  6. Aergin Dufal

    Xbox Beta Applications

    thnx jammer
  7. Aergin Dufal

    Xbox Beta Applications

    Ive applied with three different emails never got anything so idk
  8. Aergin Dufal

    Introduction Thread!

    Hey played on pc rather play on console ya eso is messed up on any platform played all of em need somethin fresh waiting game sucks and no answers as far as anything goes no updatea on anything is it even gonna happen? Forums been quiet an nothin new posted from any cm
  9. Aergin Dufal

    Mixer streamer

    Good i need some life skill exp
  10. also was big in the pvp scene in eso on ps4 im totally burnt on that game lol
  11. sounds interesting to be a part of disabled vet here will be dedicated and always on if they ever launch the damn game gamer tag on xbox is DrabberWall9786 lvld a ninja zerk wizard and striker to awakening on pc but im not a pc gamer prefer console so shoot me an invite if youd like me to join when ever this happens