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  1. Thnx broski, I will try it out 😬
  2. I was wondering if its possible to use a pro controller with extra buttons for this game? anyone got experience with this?
  3. Afour

    Update error

    Hey @CM_Valtarra it’s already fixed. Thanks for the support broski!
  4. I think it’s crowded servers. I’ve had /have it as well. I’ve submitted a ticket, they said they’d look in to it.
  5. Afour

    Update error

    Anyone else can’t login after this mornings update? I keep getting this authentication failed. Deleted the game, can’t download it now because of a server error.
  6. Hahaha whats with you people. Always crying “we need boost, Xbox this, Xbox that “ hahahahaha don’t play the game if you don’t like it hahahahahaha
  7. Afour


    Hey guys, I think someone is a sore loser. What to do with this? This person started to send me racist messages and threatened me. see screenshot
  8. Read the title. This **** sucks! people try to grief me, I kill them, they keep coming back and now I’m the one with bad karma?? now everyone attacks me because of this I lost almost all my crystals but 2. And I lost over 6% xp on lvl 60!! Buying back the crystals is gonna cost me a couple 100 mil. ive been playing for hours now trying to fix the karma. this **** is backwards FIX IT!
  9. Yes, you can keep the grunil and heve on tri. I personally went with all tri gear and then saving for boss gear at tet from the marketplace. It’ll cost you around 1~1,5bil but that shouldn’t be a problem. I got all tet boss weapons in a few weeks. Now saving for the armor. good luck!
  10. Afour

    Warhawk outfit

    Much appreciated broski 🔥🔥
  11. Afour

    Warhawk outfit

    Hey, I just watched a YouTube video with PC gameplay and his character was wearing the Warhawk set and looks absolute amazing. Is that one coming to ps4 by any chance? Also keep up the good work, really enjoying the game!
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