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  1. <Ryuuzoku> Guild means Dragon Tribe. We are currently recruiting experienced and non experienced fans to come and spill blood with a us along the Sands. "Our one is many" PROS: PVP Focused/Veteran Player/Help in ALL Categories/PSN Community/ Family First CONS: Not having you along for the Guild experience. PSN Community: Ryuuzoku Hey! Hey! Hey! Now! Bloodthirsty Dragons not all at once ") #2020
  2. Hey there Im Gunja, Master of Ryuuzoku Guild on PS4. We are 3 deep while our others move over but very fun and entertaining. And we are the Party Chat Gurus lol.. We don't have discord but just let me know or the other officers and we will keep track to not mistake you.
  3. Hey guys, I'm Gunja, claro.. I just started a Guild in BDO and just wondering does anyone here participate in any artwork creation that I can use for our Community page <Ryuuzoku> (meaning: Dragon). Looking for a Symbol more than just a Dragon Render. Thank you guys alot just for taking the time to read and for your future help. -Gunja Leader of Ryuuzoku PS4
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