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  1. I can play it myself without freezing issues, but I do tend to play at non-peak hours (in the early afternoon/early evening), but I do tend to lag at peak hours/prime time. Thus I tend to avoid playing then. I don't have a ps4 pro or an ssd, but I also don't bother with any pvp (so no Node Wars or Red Battlefield), I'm purely a PvE/Lifeskiller.
  2. No you can't, that would be crossplay between pc and console and that isn't possible currently.
  3. Since Steam is PC and PS4 is Console, you'd have to start over on PS4, because there is no cross-play between Console & PC. (I also own BDO on Steam.)
  4. It definitely happens on the NA region, I can attest to that. Though how bad it is does seem to vary, there's times where I can deal with it if I'm only lifeskilling, and then times where I can't even do that because everything is on a rather lengthy delay (or even worse, nothing is happening at all and I end up just closing the game down forcibly and go do something else.) Also I've gotten occasional completely random blue screen crashes while doing nothing but running through an area (tho usually happens in heavily populated areas it seems like, so that may be part of the cause.) I have no issues with lag or blue screens if I hop on when it's early and thus not as busy/active (ie; next to none of the servers say popular, my issues begin when they all say popular or most of them are labeled as such).
  5. I was able to put my helmet in the bank and move it to another character, so that's weird. I did the same with my upgraded helmet, so it should be Family locked, not character locked.
  6. It is on ps4, so it should be also on xbox I would think. (You need to go to the ring menu option, then down to the bottom, then put the item restore onto a ring menu button to use outside of the menu) , unless you mean it doesn't work with the helmet. Then I can only suggest to level another character to get a second hat (because you can then repeat the quest that gives you one of those helmets)
  7. That was the case with me, it reset after the update, but hasn't since then (I'm on ps4 slim)
  8. you might try the item restore in the menu it's at the bottom of the ring menu options.
  9. If I recall correctly, I've read you need Gathering at Skilled 5 to gather that herb.
  10. I've been experiencing lag like symptoms myself, usually it's around prime time (basically early evening into entering late evening) and most the servers say "popular", when I go to talk to npcs, gather, or access things like the storage or stables, there is a several second delay. While grinding, this shows itself in making the world feeling like it's frozen and I'm the only thing moving. Rarely, my entire game will freeze up and after a minute of the freeze, when it's not unfrozen for me on it's own, I'll force it down via using my ps button and closing it from the ps game screen. I also have issues with the minigame for taming the horse (the mash the o button one) , but I'm uncertain if that's due to me using the default HD in my ps4 slim or what, as no matter how much I smash the o button in that mini-game, it barely moves the bar, so I always 'lose' that mini-game.
  11. Yes, PS4 does get access, however you need to be a new or returning player to do the event quests for those weapons (I just did the three quests for the 55 & lower ones tonight and got the 3 weapon boxes)
  12. Region: NA Server: Mediah -1 Device: PS4 I can't seem to rotate the radial menu of the npcs myself, it only wants to highlight interact which goes straight to where you deal with quests/conversations/node stuff.. so I can't seem to access any 'hand in' options or 'greeting' options. I have tried hitting the triangle button repeatedly before holding it, tried holding it while using the left stick, tried it while trying to use the d-pad (due to the lil gray icon with the triangle showing a downward looking arrow coming from it)... nothing seems to work to get any option but that one. edit: it finally moved after several presses to greet (never to the other option tho), but once I moved away and came back to him (him being Cliff), I can't seem to repeat the trick and it is largely stuck on Interact and refuses to budge.
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