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  1. Tr3nch

    Just activated my 90 days Value Pack

    Dye menu is Left Trigger+ Up(Dpad) lower left I believe. The value pack benefits are account (family) wide. All of the family wide questions are, yes. Maids are useful when farming for loot but only if you have multiples. Pets are extremely useful especially at higher tiers. You can have 4 pets out at any time. Make sure you are either buying cheap feed (not recommended) or making good feed (easy to make and saves hundreds of thousands in silver) to keep them fed.
  2. Tr3nch

    Central Market Issues - Affecting Many of Us

    Start checking your CM Wallet. My stuff is back. A few more on Discord are also reporting their stuff back.
  3. Tr3nch

    Item missing from auction house

    I got ya. Then its a glitch thats tied to the major bug in the CM. It will be corrected just make sure you submit a ticket just in case. All of my items are back now.
  4. Tr3nch

    CM Silver & Storage wiped

    Start checking your CM Wallets. My stuff is now accessible. Everything is back.
  5. Tr3nch

    Central Market Issues - Affecting Many of Us

    The problem is when 20 minutes after the bug hit they posted in the servers that the problem has been fixed when it clearly hasn't.
  6. Tr3nch

    CM Silver & Storage wiped

    The issue will be fixed, relax.
  7. Tr3nch

    Every Item Including Pearl/Currency Deleted

    You arent the only one hit with this bug. Look at the forums. Submit your ticket and wait just like the rest of us.
  8. Tr3nch

    ILLEZRA'S THREAT(Tarif quest)

  9. Tr3nch

    3/20 Scheduled Maintenance talk

    Agreed but I just lost everything in the CM Wallet, which included over 30 accessories for this to roll out. So I hope they fix that first before new content.
  10. Tr3nch

    Central Market Issues - Affecting Many of Us

    Yep still missing everything. Not really interested in continuing the game at this point.
  11. Tr3nch

    Karma Should Be Removed

    Seriously man you sound like a kid. This isn't going to change. Period. Never has is almost 8 years. You continue to get jumped because most people kill, or attempt to kill, reds on sight. You jumped people in the shrine? So you like to get people when they are busy and now you complain about the system in place to punish players like you? That's rich.
  12. Tr3nch

    Daily Rewards - No inventory space

    Did it go into your mail?
  13. Tr3nch

    ILLEZRA'S THREAT(Tarif quest)

    They already confirmed in another thread that this quest is currently inactive.
  14. Tr3nch

    Central Market items gone.

    Welcome to the club. There is already a thread on the bug report sub-forum about this problem. Make sure to keep submitting support tickets.
  15. Tr3nch

    CM Silver & Storage wiped

    Yep got the same auto response. Another thing that irritates me is that they close a support ticket after they respond. All that does is make their internal numbers look good and forces us back in queue with another ticket over the same problem. Back to the point, my items are also still missing and no response on second ticket.