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  1. Tr3nch

    Maintenance 23rd May

    Look at the patch notes for Valencia. It was included with Valencia content
  2. Tr3nch

    Maintenance 23rd May

    It was working before the maintenance. I autonaved from PE to Acado Inner Harbor many times without issue until after the maintenance. Now I can't even set a waypoint while at the helm.
  3. Tr3nch

    Awakening Date

    Desert Trade is not in currently.
  4. Tr3nch

    Maintenance 23rd May

    They broke sea auto navigation.
  5. Tr3nch

    other class?

    There seriously is no need for such a response. So much shade towards someone who simply wants to play a particular class and asked when it would be included.
  6. Tr3nch

    Pet Dragon?

    Yeah a lot of that is a long way off.
  7. Tr3nch

    Afk on Xbox

    They are crowded now due to gamepass. Im usually active until 5am and the servers used to not be crowded during off peak times even with the massive afk crowds. And for the afk question, there is settings in Xbox that allow the system to never turn off. Ive been afking since launch with no issues. I get random dc's or updates that cause me to dc.
  8. Tr3nch

    Cue weekly rage quit :)

    Rankings were in the closed beta, there is no reason it should not already be in the game. Their excuses are crap. No it's not the most important thing needed but it is nice to have none the less.
  9. Tr3nch

    Secrets, hidden stuff, tricks, etc

    Its also known as grind etiquette. You have two chances to try and take or keep your spot and if you fail, move on or change channels. It was a pretty common thing on PC and is starting to come around in the Xbox community. Some people get really butt hurt and end up causing more problems for themselves or their guild but eventually get the idea.
  10. Tr3nch

    Secrets, hidden stuff, tricks, etc

    Im looking at him right now. Each of his conversations is showing 1k Amity.
  11. Tr3nch

    Secrets, hidden stuff, tricks, etc

    Standardized Timber Squares were slipped in during last update. Also, the NPC Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria (gives the daily quest for Epheria Boat Design tokens) now has the Amity levels displayed to unlock needed chat option for the dailies. (dailies are still not in, probably not until Margoria) But you can at least build up Amity with him now. You will need at least 8k Amity.