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  1. Greetings, You are more than welcomed to join. Hop onto our discord server and just let someone know you are joining. An officer or myself will get you into the guild.
  2. You have completely missed the point and jumping on here late to try and stir the pot looks stupid.
  3. I agree but you know someone will.
  4. Yes we are missing content. A big portion of content. Asking for updates on content that should have released before Valencia is not greedy, entitled, or unreasonable. If you know what a product should have and you are missing part of that product, would you not want to know why? Or at least know when you would get it? The same people that are on this thread slamming us for requesting the content that we have been waiting on for months will also be out there enjoying the same content. All you care about is looking like some edgy keyboard warrior that can hide behind anonymity. Another point I would like to add are the Shakatu's seals that have been part of the last couple of attendance rewards. I sincerely hope that the developers intend on allowing us to build and sell Sailboats before people start getting free ones. That would be months of stockpiling resources just to be punched in the gut.
  5. Ranking was in the game for the closed Alpha and Beta. I have plenty of screenshots. There is no reason this mechanic should not be in the game.
  6. Once sail boats arrive we will be able to bypass the desert altogether.
  7. Yes the guild does both. We also dabble in Node but mostly for fun. We have taken several and it allows us to payout guild bonuses. We are also allied with several pvp guilds. We have also started the NA Lifeskiller Alliance between several of the larger LF guilds. Drop by our discord and leave a msg in #General and an officer will get you in. Hope to see you soon in The Company.
  8. Hello and welcome to Black Desert! We are all on Xbox so that won't be an issue at all If you are interested in joining, please feel free to jump onto our discord and leave a msg in General channel to let us know that you are wanting to join. One of our officers or myself will get you on board quickly. Hope to see you in game soon. Regards, Korpova (Tr3nch)
  9. He's only there during special events. He's not a static year round NPC.
  10. jdozer22, Appreciate the interest. We are a very active guild with the focus on Whaling and Khalik hunting. Most of us are stock piling resources in anticipation of Deep Sea expansion coming down the line. Sea Monster hunting will be our primary focus at that point. Our members are free to pursue any direction they choose and we try to support them with those decisions. We are not a PVP focused guild but still have our fun from time to time. Most of our members have been active since day one and come from several prominent guilds. We also support several non-focused life skill guilds that want the opportunity to go whale hunting but don't have the crews to do it with. We are always taking in new members and you will have a home here. We have max fishing and gathering (+3) and are working towards the Combat/Life XP buff. Join our discord server so that we can easily communicate on your cooldown status after leaving your current guild. Server info is listed in the OP. Thanks again and we look forward to you joining The Company! Regards, Korpova (Tr3nch)
  11. Lol I guess that's why you guys didn't join us. If you need anything or support during your adventures, don't hesitate to reach out.
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