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  1. The boats are not in the game yet. Yes they are on Shaktu's seals but you still can not exchange them for one. The boats that are in the game are rafts, rowboats, and fishing boats (that can be purchased or made). There are ferries that can be boarded as well. There are NPC galleons that roam the sea but can't be interacted with at all. The fishing boats have pearl shop skins that make them appear fancier than they really are. Trust me, you will know it when the Sail boats are in the game. There will be a ton of them in Velia and they are significantly more larger than current ships.
  2. Not in the game my friend. We have all been waiting for it. It will come with the Magoria update.
  3. Tr3nch

    Guild UI

    Multiple bugs found with the new Guild UI. First, unable to edit, change, or display the guild description. Second, guild bonus payouts are broken. When you try to adjust tiers on one person, it sets it for every member. Unable to payout in current form.
  4. Correct, there were quests where you would be required to take X amount of goods to X location. In turn, you were rewarded with higher valuable trade goods and Trade Tokens to be exchanged for items (similar to fishing tokens, horse tokens, worker tokens). The biggest problem is that those tokens have the last piece of the green fishing boat gear that we need for the set. There is no way to get it without the trade quests. These were removed for some reason in August but were never brought back into the game.
  5. @CM_Valtarra do we have any new updates on this issue yet? It's been almost seven months since they were removed from the game.
  6. I understand how you feel. I don't think it will as bad as we all think right now. I hope that I am right.
  7. I would highly doubt that they would not be releasing it of the next gen consoles. Either way, it will be playable on it. No information has been released on it atm.
  8. Also, make sure that you are not in a party. The Y button prompt will not appear if you are still in a party, even if its just you in the party.
  9. First, it isn't about giving the impression that Xbox is more important that PS4. It's about recognizing those that have supported this game from the beginning. Xbox had it first and should be given priority. If I were on PS4, I would say the exact same thing. I wouldn't think it was right for me to bump out someone else thats been playing longer than I have and force them to change their name. Second, from what I read in the extend explanation on crossplay, the name suffixes would only apply to those playing on the crossplay servers. However, its PA, and it does not specifically state that is the case. So we will have to wait and see.
  10. What an ignorant ass comment. Almost all 90 of our guild members are adults and parents alike on Xbox. The servers have plenty of people on during the day on Xbox and not everyone that gets on at night are kids. This guy.
  11. Agreed! It sucks but I feel that Xbox was first and priority should be given to Xbox. Every other MMO that has merged servers has forced the incoming players to rename their characters instead of making the host player change it. In this case, Xbox servers should be considered the host server and PS4 servers are the mergers, forcing said players to rename their characters upon entering the new server. What PA is trying to do is make it fair for everyone but this could blow up in their faces. The alternative is just don't play on the crossover servers. You won't have to worry about changing your character name at that point.
  12. On Xbox, mine is now on the 4th upgrade. It just has incredibly horrid RNG. I had 7-8 fails on the first one, 5-6 on the second one, and lucky 2 on the third one. I at 3 fails so far on the fourth upgrade.
  13. Correct. And I remember there were a few of us that managed to somehow sneak into the game a day early for about 45 minutes, I guess until PA figured out what was happening.
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