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  1. So you got bent out of shape all for the last sentence of his entire comment? It wasn't even that bad my guy. If that is enough to ruffle your feathers on here, I wouldn't be posting on the forums. Such a strong over reaction can actually cause you more problems.
  2. I already explained how I am doing it. If you choose not to believe me, that's up to you. I know what myself and others are pulling in for fishing. I don't need an apology from you. I hope the best for you and I offered information to help. Best of luck.
  3. Its pretty simple actually. Instead of being an ass you could have just asked I would freely share my info. I fill all of my inventory minus three slots for the three tripple floats needed. I fill my boat, 12 slots, and I take my elephant on my boat, another 16 slots. I fish nothing but Tuna in the Arsha Sea. When full, I sail to Ancado Inner Harbor North of VC. Then I take my elephant and ride to get the desert buff. Then go back to VC and check the Trade Manager to ensure he buys my fish at 130% value. Then bargain. I then only sell enough of the fish to keep the value above 120-125% then hop servers. Rinse and repeat until its all gone. Then go back to my boat to pick up remaining fish and do it again. I average over 120m each time. If I am picky I can push that value past 140mil. I have more than enough mixer streams and recorded videos to show this. So now that you have the right information to do this properly, go give it a shot instead of being a dork on the forums. Im also not the only one in my guild achieving these results. As for Epheria is concerned, you are wasting your time fishing out there.
  4. I am not a partnered streamer but I do still stream BDX. A lot of the big streamers either went to PS4 or are no longer bound by contract to stream BDX exclusively, however, there are still at least 9 or 10 dedicated BDX streamers still.
  5. They are in now if you haven't already seen.
  6. Im Master 19 and still have to jump servers to find them in my usual spot. Thank god they do not have the 15 min lockouts anymore. I make around 120-140m every three hours selling in Valencia with Trade Buff.
  7. Xaphins, thanks for your inquiry. Did anyone send you an invite yet? I see that you also joined the discord. Please let me know if you still need an invite.
  8. We have now surpassed 80 members! You guys continue to make our guild great! We are one of the best Life Skiller guilds on NA Xbox! Korpova
  9. If you are still looking for a LFSkill guild, EastIndiaCo is recruiting. Check us out if interested.
  10. Tr3nch


    Well they hit the first road map so it would stand to reason that, yes, they will get everything on the road map.
  11. Agreed. So effin pissed about this.
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