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  1. Tr3nch

    [NA][Whalers][PVE] EastIndiaCo

    Guild info updated, Still recruiting
  2. Tr3nch

    [NA][Whalers][PVE] EastIndiaCo

    Hello and welcome to Black Desert! We are all on Xbox so that won't be an issue at all If you are interested in joining, please feel free to jump onto our discord and leave a msg in General channel to let us know that you are wanting to join. One of our officers or myself will get you on board quickly. Hope to see you in game soon. Regards, Korpova (Tr3nch)
  3. Tr3nch

    Foreigners of Velia/Klau?

    He's only there during special events. He's not a static year round NPC.
  4. Tr3nch

    [NA][Whalers][PVE] EastIndiaCo

    jdozer22, Appreciate the interest. We are a very active guild with the focus on Whaling and Khalik hunting. Most of us are stock piling resources in anticipation of Deep Sea expansion coming down the line. Sea Monster hunting will be our primary focus at that point. Our members are free to pursue any direction they choose and we try to support them with those decisions. We are not a PVP focused guild but still have our fun from time to time. Most of our members have been active since day one and come from several prominent guilds. We also support several non-focused life skill guilds that want the opportunity to go whale hunting but don't have the crews to do it with. We are always taking in new members and you will have a home here. We have max fishing and gathering (+3) and are working towards the Combat/Life XP buff. Join our discord server so that we can easily communicate on your cooldown status after leaving your current guild. Server info is listed in the OP. Thanks again and we look forward to you joining The Company! Regards, Korpova (Tr3nch)
  5. Tr3nch

    Deleting thread

    Lol I guess that's why you guys didn't join us. If you need anything or support during your adventures, don't hesitate to reach out.
  6. Tr3nch

    PVE servers will be here in July.

    You tease...
  7. Tr3nch

    Ship License / Workers and Materials Bug

    @[CM]ShirnaYes there is still an issue with it not populating materials to start construction. You have to cycle through all of the workers or open and close the window several times to correctly show that there are materials in storage. However, once the materials properly show up, there is no issue adding multiple workers to assigned parts. It is nice being able to add 10+ workers to finish the boat instead of one at a time.
  8. Tr3nch

    What Lifeskill have you been chasing?

    There are several lifeskiller guilds out there, including my own EastIndiaCo, you are not alone. Most of our members are leveling hunting to get Artisan Matchlocks to use on the Blue Whale. We have been downing the whales in 30mins or less with less than two full groups. Some are pursuing Training to level up horses, others farm. I am focused on fishing and trading. M6 Fishing and A6 Trading.
  9. Tr3nch

    Fishing boat crafting/workers

    Unfortunately, this bug has been in since launch. It was far worse week one.
  10. Tr3nch

    Ship License / Workers and Materials Bug

    Yeah I can't believe this bug is still in the game at this point. It got better a couple of updates ago, but now is worse again.
  11. Tr3nch

    No trading quest available

    Yeaah I noticed this today.. kinda bummed out about this right now..
  12. Tr3nch

    How do I instant acel/drift

    You will fall a lot. Just laugh it off. I bust a gut every time I get thrown.