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  1. that doesnt compare to the striker healing off hitting nothing or the witches full heal...the sorc has the exact same LT+A heal skill and it stacks by 100+ health every level as where the dk scales by +10? your point is moot and your pandering to deaf ears. how is the customer wrong I ask? they play this game and these classes almost as if it were a second life with over thousands of hours and youre gonna tell me we're wrong? that we're misinformed? that its our fault that we perform poorly? that perhaps I dont know how to use the class ive put thousands of hours into and that there is some secret to unlocking its potential? get real..were asking for a fix with proof,with thourough investigation, with conviction...yet we're not getting a fair trial...Honestly I feel hopeless...like many others, but I wont reroll like 95% of us do given no choice..because... im an idiot and I have a semblance of faith however small... @CM Trent
  2. Oh would you look at that...someone else saying the exact same thing about the dk? Im a 255 dk and I had to spend billlllliooooons on accuracy and AP accessories that dont even touch an evasion build at a fraction of the cost..most classes dont even need near as much accuracy/AP yet they out dps the DK, Near 100 gear score difference and the DK is pressured... we're just outclassed in every match up because we scale like absolute trash...DOGTURDs is where the dk is at on the hierarchy, which is too bad because I actually wont play any other class because I genuinely love playing her but with a pvp end game to look forward too I shouldnt have to pick a certain class just to enjoy the game...Poor move PA
  3. good, I dont want to be taken seriously by devs that cant take their game seriously..fix this crap and you wont have idiots like me complaining about issues that should already be fixed. Instead they work on crossplay and ui when the core of the game is combat.
  4. looooool their aoe cooldown is six seconds? how is that a slow casting class? not one of my moves cools down in six seconds and nor can I attack constantly with a summon...next tid bit of idiocy please..
  5. I almost consider that offensive...as if anyone uses 100% in rbf or ba.. nw is a different story.. its just not viable,on the rare occasion someone uses 100% it still takes forever to get back...second of all Im 550 with 310 dp my self and I dont even scale remotely close to a witchard...third of all its absurd you would think Id be standing there like an idiot taking attacks head on with no consideration to the other classes abilities..like why even play the game at that point? Hopefully that was an attempt at satire.
  6. Lol I wish that were true my friend...I believe money is the only objective and at this rate black desert is doomed..
  7. joan

    Best armor for DK

    who cares youre gonna get two hit anyways
  8. everyone keeps saying dk needs 261 ap? thats #$_&ing end game...a shai is one comboing at that ap.. absolutely absurd how #$&@ing stupid this game is
  9. Fu,/ck you lipty, you lying sack of ****...260ap and the #@&##@ games over...quit saying it takes skill..when a 180ap witch can out preform you with two weeks of play time. its #@$&ing unfair and needs a fix
  10. how can a witch or wizard after 500 gs one combo anyone they'd like, while other classes struggle for accuracy and AP? a few bad patches and a group of lousy a$$ devs thats how..seriously and I mean seriously..how is it fair that they scale better than any class in any category...they have full heals and impenetrable aoes, summons you cant kill and cause nothing but lag, along with the sheer audacity of giving the wizard a FG for hellfire sickens me...maybe do what the player base asks for and fix/balance the classes instead of crossplay that noone asked for you absolute retards
  11. Im a 240 DK as well with 310 dp DR build, I get hit by a witch and im done. I cant one combo anyone due to lack of accuracy even though im running tet red coral. Ive got 3500 health that I have to run away from battle with for 2-3 minutes to use health pots due to no self heal. theres no awakening CC so Im constantly switching to preawakening to CC people with either wheel of fortune or airstrike, airstrike is an instant full CC that does no damage so youre not getting a second knock down giving barely anytime to get some damage in... lunacy,wheel,and kama(your only skills that do damage/knockdown/floating in pre-awk) are all free grabs for classes that have them because youre literally just standing there for them to do it. In awakening its actually decent except for the fact that seeds of catastrophe, shattering darkness, legacy,trap of vedir and twilight dash(FG is gone so its basically a death sentence) are your only skills...dont use spirit blaze,grip of grudge or any other skills because they are useless,no CC, no damage or just a waste of skill points...I could go on.. we scale like trash,no grab,no heal, poor damage out put, poor internet connection will leave your skills fragmented getting you knocked or floated between SA rotation. overall the DK on console is a terrible choice and will ultimately rely on you to re-roll to any other class forcing you to admit you wasted over 5000 hours...I could get into the finer details but as it stands Ive said what I could say
  12. In comparison to other classes we are by far the lowest burst dps class,we have no CC in awakening,No self heal, for the love of god no grab, and to top it off you gave the wizard a frontal guard on hellfire? nothing makes our class unique and you still refuse to do anything about it...the witch and wizard are literally causing chaos because they scale well with everything at a low GS but the dk hardly scales well in anything...Im wearing full tet DR gear and im still getting two tapped by witches, literally no other class does that..whens it going to be fixed? Or better yet..why dont you just straight up tell me you plan on doing nothing..
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