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  1. Hey everyone, Casual is recruiting active players for pve and Ls content. we have discord, are new player friendly, with lots of game experience. We are a mature bunch of chill players looking for other like minded people. We pay up to 999,999s per day wage. Max Buffs too! Give me a message on here or reply and we will get you an invite! Thanks in advance.
  2. I wonder why there is a price difference between NA and EU xbox, shouldnt they be the same? I know Kutum stuff recently took a nosedive on our servers. Bought a Tet Kutum shield for my warrior. had 2 up 1 listed at max 1.2B and 1 min 965m. so I managed to get a Tet kutum for 965m silver. a steal really. Do you guys have this Moon shard event going on right now? Its driving the price of mem frags through the floor.
  3. Cres Base 23.9m max Tri is 755m max Tet is 4.96b max Basi base 30.1m max Tri 1.03B max Tet 7B max Ogre base max 193m Tri 2.76b Max tet 10.3B How about you guys Kutum Nouver and Dandelion stuff? should be indenticle across the board for all classes
  4. Hello Xbox fam, I'm currently a PS4 player coming to a world near you soon, was wondering if anyone out there wants to exchange CM information and we can all get a better handle on whats going up in price after the merge. PA stated when the cms come together the higher price will always be the one that sticks, so in essence things will stay the same or go up in price. Example Standard Kzarka weapon Base is 132m +8-10 is 163m, +11-12 193m, +13 193m, 14 229m +15 260m PRI 299m DUO 380m TRi 408m TET 770m PEN 5.25B If Xbox prices are higher than this these will disappear, if not This is your expected price after march 4th ( still 10 days for it to change though) Anyone interested in some info swap hit me back, Thank you!
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