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  1. DaBoogyMenz


    Yeah I can see if the timing is right.. But they Dodge out of my grapple.. Mid-Grapple.. Even my guild members say its bull (The Sorcs and Rangers) but are happy because its happening to them lol In PvP I might as well smack my face against the cement lol
  2. DaBoogyMenz


    Does anyone else have issues with people dodging out if all the grapples? The most annoying thing ever imo
  3. So with the Release Date now being the 4th.. what time on the 4th? and is that EST? PST? UTC?
  4. Hey Simon! I met you at Pre-Pax this year and gave you my Input on this issue! Like when you have a quest on (Any of them) or the Camera will Auto-Target a Mob (Sorta) and keep following them.. i see you made it so you can turn off the left-stick auto follow though.. but still happens every once in a while lol
  5. I was happy to meet you all at Pre-PAX! I'm the guy who suggested the unlocked Camera or Free Look while running if possible lol I was hoping to see more of it during PAX itself but *Shrugs*.. Maybe you can show us Combat from the Warrior? The Sorc/Witch did good damage on the test NPC's.. But the Warrior felt like I was beating them with a wet noodle lol
  6. It was smooth but the Skills didn't work correctly with the Joysticks and the Camera i had slight issues with I was talking with Simon and he took notes
  7. I did go I'm the hairy guy in the picture with Spirit lol
  8. Gameplay wasn't bad little things that need to be adjusted or tweaked ❤️
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