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  1. DaBoogyMenz

    Pre-Order Black Desert Now; Launches March 4th

    So with the Release Date now being the 4th.. what time on the 4th? and is that EST? PST? UTC?
  2. DaBoogyMenz

    Terrible Controls/Almost Unplayable

    Hey Simon! I met you at Pre-Pax this year and gave you my Input on this issue! Like when you have a quest on (Any of them) or the Camera will Auto-Target a Mob (Sorta) and keep following them.. i see you made it so you can turn off the left-stick auto follow though.. but still happens every once in a while lol
  3. DaBoogyMenz

    Status Update!

    I was happy to meet you all at Pre-PAX! I'm the guy who suggested the unlocked Camera or Free Look while running if possible lol I was hoping to see more of it during PAX itself but *Shrugs*.. Maybe you can show us Combat from the Warrior? The Sorc/Witch did good damage on the test NPC's.. But the Warrior felt like I was beating them with a wet noodle lol
  4. DaBoogyMenz

    Any News From Pax?

    I did a while ago
  5. DaBoogyMenz

    Any News From Pax?

    It was smooth but the Skills didn't work correctly with the Joysticks and the Camera i had slight issues with I was talking with Simon and he took notes
  6. DaBoogyMenz

    Any News From Pax?

    I did go I'm the hairy guy in the picture with Spirit lol
  7. DaBoogyMenz

    Any News From Pax?

    Gameplay wasn't bad little things that need to be adjusted or tweaked ❤️