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  1. Would be difficult for that to be done considering foods mostly give more than a single buff and a lot of foods give the same buff just differentiate in the active time of the buff. Would be easier for you to just pay attention to what you are eatting and not carry around several foods at once.
  2. When you cook or make potions with alchemy there is a chance at recieving high quality version of the item you are making green being standard quality blue are the high quality item. Instead of having these high quality versions of the items we craft being essentially useless give us the option to pack them into the same type of crate for a reduced item cost. I have given two different clear examples of what im trying to convey. Yet another example for you. Honey wine requires 50 units to pack a crate. When you are cooking honey wine there is a chance of getting a high-quality version of that item from the cooking table. Why not give the possibility to pack these high-quality versions of crate items for the same type of crate only with less units.
  3. You seem to be confused what you just suggested is not possible to do. You trade seals to the vendor for items. Not the high quality craft variation of a cooking or alchemy recipe. These items have effectively no use other than attempting to resell or use personally. What i was suggesting is the ability to use the high-quality craft version that you recieve rarely while cooking or making potions as an alternate for packing imperial crates. Another example i can provide is using the appealing boiled bird eggs in place of boiled bird eggs for the same crate but at a reduced item cost.
  4. Looked around and couldnt believe this hasnt been suggested. As stated in title we should be able to use the high quality crafts of cooking items and potions to pack crates for imperial craft. An example tea with fine scent needs 30 units to pack a crate. Why not give an alternative to pack 15 tea with strong scent(the high-quality version) for the same crate?
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