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  1. Darts

    Blue Screen

    Everytime i tried to use the cannon for the adventure log book quest it allways bluescreen, can u guys focus on fixing this game and do not add more stuff until you fix it.
  2. Im trying to gather the everlasting herb for a while and even change server and i cant pick it u.why is this happening am i doing something wrong?
  3. Darts


    Yeah is stupid man there is so many things now that is making the game not want me to play more. I can by pass the lag and the bugs a little bit but the fact that ive been grinding my ass off and not even 1,2 or 3 yellows on a 8 node thats stupid and not fun at all.
  4. Darts


    I did a skil and went under the map. Also the monster are healing themself is getting super anoying. Then i have a level 8 node and for some reason i dont get the amount of good loot i should be getting in the manshaum, i have been there for 3 days and not even one gold earring that insane. Can u please do something about it, i get that is a grinding game but it is insane not to get not even 2 o 3 a day of yellow items.
  5. Darts

    NPC Bugs

    Everytime i press repair in any NPC my game crashes i dont know if is only in PS4 but it getting super anoying can it be fix plz
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