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  1. If anyone still having problems linking account it's probably because u haven't been reading me correctly u log in on your system to black desert make a account write it down then log on black desert press start press triangle or y and link account to your account u created then link afterwards go back to black desert on your system still and use coupon code submit tickets etc.. anything else lmk ty! Good luck
  2. Doesn't work unless u make a account on website from the system !.
  3. Start fresh log onto website first then log on to bd and go to ur profile and put in your email and password to link account
  4. Like he stated which I missed after u make a account on the website log on bd and go to profile tap triangle to link ur account remember it's email address for according progress instead of user name and password and link and then ur set to go on website and use ur coupon ty brother. Btw I'm on ps4 so anyone needs help read here on linking up ur account!
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