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  1. Hello all and thank you for your interest in the HardenedSouls. I am Da Bity Bity, but you may call me Shawn lol.... sorry. I run the HardenedSouls. We are a small clan who unfortunately has just gotten smaller. I am a lvl 57 Musa who is still quite new to the world of BDO. I am learning quickly and having a lot of fun doing so. We are looking for people to join the guild soon. Experienced, brand new, and all in between. I am capable of helping with the world's begginings and can assist you when you need it. I would like to find others who would do the same. I haven't done much pvp, but can't wait to explore that in the future. Whatever discipline you are looking to focus, whether it be lifeskilling or grinding your way through baddies, you are welcome here. Contact me here or through xbox and I will speak to you soon. Mics are not required, but I do have one if you want to chat. Thank you for your time and Good luck out there!
  2. HardenedSouls. We are a new guild looking for members. Any and all players are welcome. We do not require a mic, but we do prefer them. Also, we are not a young group of people so if you are planning on chatting with us you must be 18. We are venturing into all things in BDO. Lifeskilling, PvE, PvP. Xbox GT is DA BITY BITY.
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