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  1. It really is unfortunate that people can't adopt a sense of maturity about these things and feel entitled to hide something that wasn't even a problem.
  2. I have presented all of the information I can find and have emailed contact@pearlabyss.com directly with this issue. I am hoping to have some kind of feedback.
  3. @Foil Ornithopter@kyoro As of 03/10/2020 This video shows that Korea is still censorless or at least they are marketing the Kibelius outfit without it. This is shady business at best and unacceptable-give us the look we were promised.
  4. I for one will not allow such a disregard for consumers and will most likely not return to console unless this is reversed.
  5. They will doctor the video up and send you a test server video. PS4's actual performance is terrible even on PS-only servers. Completely unplayable without an SSD investment and usually requires upgrading to a PS4 Pro
  6. Come back when you have facts or something that can be defended.
  7. Sound logic for the first one to bring up masturbation in this thread. Censorship as a rule has never not been a big deal-the guys upstairs are always so quick to try and decide things for people based on a whim-they try to sneak it in without notice and hope the discussion dies down. I don't want swimsuits or maid outfits for the Shai, I want to not have these fugly off-gray leggings. I have heard the Summer Dreamland Pajamas will hide them, however that is not available on console and it's like a car mechanic telling you to spend more money to fix something he broke.
  8. So then tell me why you look at it like it's perverse? It's a child--completely false by the way, but we'll roll with it a second...So because to you this character is a child, her already modest apparel is already causing thoughts of sex within your mind? You mean to tell me that you won't accept anything less than a middle eastern hijab on your Shai? People like to throw that word around, but then they can't put up any solid defense for it. We are playing an RPG game-like Dungeons and Dragons. This character is a 40 year old elf, that's it-that's the role that is assumed. There's no need to mummify the Shai, just learn how to block people on World Chat. That's how all this started-some stupid players got on WC and SC and started saying things like "selling shai toe pics" and that turned into them covering more of her skin-all because the sensitive snowflakes were too bothered to figure out how to use chat properly.
  9. @Foil Ornithopter Seems legit to me, Although I would definitely give this version higher than 3.5/5 stars just for the smooth gameplay
  10. I might point out that there was no mention of this in patch notes and that no one was notified of the censorship
  11. It might interest you to know that the Japanese version of Black Desert Mobile-does not have this censorship. It is my understanding that Shai was recently released on the mobile platform. I'm really not sure what's so bad about this little amount of skin showing.
  12. I have made many posts about this issue in many different places and I am really hoping for a complete 180 on this censorship. I felt it was unnecessary to bring further attention to her. She was censored once already and now PA is bringing more. They are doing a poor job reinforcing their lore since they are allowing the teenage tamer to walk around in lingerie.
  13. I've been playing Shai exclusively for about 2 months and when I saw the change on March 4, I immediately searched this topic and found that it's still being talked about a year later. That night I went out and purchased a steam card so I could play it on PC. I played maybe an additional 4 days on PS4 and then I got off the game and haven't been on console since. I noticed the first time the Shai got censored(From the bra and panties thing to the pajamas) and I thought that was alright, I guess I understand.Her outfits are all burka/tunics anyway..But then the crossplay event came out and I noticed those horrible gray leggings that can't be dyed and I just couldn't stop thinking about how out of place it looks. I was very vocal about this issue as I sent multiple tickets to PA-I don't appreciate not having a decision or at least a toggle switch. I also don't agree on keeping Lingerie on a Tamer and then censoring a Shai, but nobody wants to talk about that. This whole situation is just backwards, with performance on console is bad as it is right now, appeasing a small minority of SJW gamers should not be considered priority when they could be making sure the Archer awakening quest actually works, or that we can use the repair function without crashing.
  14. No one on PS4 was even concerned about the Shai's provocative nature(or lack therof) and out of everyone that I asked-at least 80% of them didn't like the change. Which may cause me to move to PC where I can fix this problem myself on my end.
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