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  1. This UI really is total ****, hope they actually do fix and change things.
  2. thanks for clearing that up, i thought it was supposed to give a total of 44, doubling the amount of storage received for each level..
  3. Disregard this post. Assumed storage space gained per star level was added onto the next star level.
  4. This is pretty ridiculous... blue screen'd 3 times during offin, came back to no loot and glitched out adds still up and apparently immortal, died twice while loading back in. An hour later i go to Karanda and blue screened half way through the fight, server got locked while login in and couldn't claim loot. Blue screen'd again a few minutes later trying to get away from all the lag. This is with Ps4 SSD and settings to hide all characters (which was not working at all, was still able to see everyone) I'm a big spender and I love this game but i'm on the brink of quitting...
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