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  1. Except it wouldn't - not really - for several reasons: 1. If you only search for the visible bit, and the search allows for partial matches, then searching for a character called "Doris" works fine, regardless of whether the character is called "Doris", or technically has "Doris_1234" as the full version. 2. If searches only apply to the visible bit, then that's a non-issue. 3. If you're searching for specific players, and not characters, then you're better off searching by unique Gamertag or PSN ID, rather than character/family name, anyway. 4. Even assuming that it would, Pearl Abyss could just make the hidden suffix a thing like "_Gamertag" or "_PSN" - and that way, you're searching for a character on an account, specifically. So if my Gamertag was USSExcelsior, and my character was called "Doris", then "Doris_USSExcelsior", or similar. Seems simple enough - I've seen other MMOs (Star Trek Online, for example) handle character names like that for things like chat and search functions, and it works just fine.
  2. I've suggested this in another thread, but I came up with what might be a workable alternative - something that: 1. Allows unique names in general - no more having to worry whether or not a name has been taken! 2. Doesn't require some drastic restructuring of the game's name database (which might have severe knock-on effects on other aspects of the game) 3. Doesn't mean that there's some obvious indicator of what platform someone is on (which is apparently not allowed) What I'm thinking is this: in the same way that unlucky players have had the suffix "_BDC" added to their character/family names, just add similar suffixes to any/all characters, but (and this is the crucial bit), add some kind of modifier to the <enter name here> (or whatever) field that makes the suffix invisible in-game! Something like <enter name here(this_part_invisible)>, if that makes sense. So, if I called a character "Agnes", the game might add "_BDC" or "_123" or whatever - but then make that second part invisible, so that only the bit the player entered would show up in dialogue and menus. After all, there's a whole lot of UI text that doesn't actually appear on-screen in most games (and software in general), so I don't see why Pearl Abyss couldn't do something similar to some kind of unique ID tag added to all names. That would mean that the database could work as it currently does, without any changes, all names would be stored as unique data with no duplicate entries, but the ID suffixes would mean that the player-entered portion could be whatever people wanted - because (for example) three different characters called "Agnes" would actually be called "Agnes_BDC1", "Agnes_BDC2" and "Agnes_BDC3" for database purposes.
  3. Sorry to jump into another person's thread - figured it better than creating a duplicate thread on the topic (if you'd rather, I can start a new one, though!). What I'd like to know is, why isn't it possible? I get that reworking the entire database from the ground up is the sort of thing that could mess up countless other things in the game, but surely there are UI-level changes that wouldn't require a fundamental change to how the name database works. For instance, if it's possible to look at two identical names, and automatically add the suffix "_BDC" to the name of whichever character was created second (or which is on an account deemed 'inactive'), then it's entirely possible to auto-add suffixes to character names. If that's true, then how possible is it to add some kind of UI modifier that makes said suffixes invisible in-game? In other words, a player could call their character "Bob", the game would add the suffix "_123" (but with a modifier that keeps the "_123" part hidden in in-game text/menus), it'd be stored in the database as "Bob_123", but all you'd see in dialogue and on any menu would be "Bob" - i.e., the bit that the player inputs is the bit that stays visible, and anything automatically added afterwards would be hidden from view (somehow). Heck, the benefit of such a fix would be that not only would it 100% solve the problem of players losing their character/family names after the crossplay update, but it'd mean that from that point on, anyone trying to use a name already in use would just get an invisible suffix added, and they could then use that name with no issue. Even before the crossplay merger screwed up some players' names, it was hard enough finding names that weren't in use - so fixing the game with something like what I've suggested would have a huge positive impact on the game.
  4. Alternatively (and this'd probably be simpler to implement), just add invisible suffixes to names (all names, even), so that all names are unique in the game database. I.e., when you input a family/character name, the game adds extra characters on the end, but only displays the bit you created. For instance, if I called my character "Dave", the name would actually be saved as "Dave_BDC739" in the database, but more like "Dave_BDC739", with the suffix hidden in-game. ...or something like that - obviously any solution depends on how things are done currently, and what's less likely to mess up existing structures (dialogue text, chat, etc.). But again, I definitely think it's worth doing something - the unique name system wasn't great to begin with, IMO, and people losing names because of the recent crossplay merger has made it even worse. And it's made all the more frustrating by the fact that virtually every other online game out there has this figured out - BDO is the only game where I've spend ages trying to find a name that wasn't taken, and definitely the only game where I ended up losing that name because of arbitrary and avoidable limitations.
  5. Just logged in after taking a break to play other games (because keeping on top of multiple ongoing online games is like that...), and ...nah, this is a really bad way of handling this. It was bad enough to begin with, because surely there's no need for unique family/character names, if everyone has a unique Gamertag or PSN ID to identify their accounts (and all the characters per account). Or at the very least, if family names have to be unique, then what does it matter if two characters have the same personal name? If someone's family name is "Smith", and another's is "Jones", then they can both be called "Dave", because one would effectively be "Dave Smith" (or "Smith_Dave", depending on how the game stores the information) and the other "Dave Jones". Personally, I reckon Pearl Abyss would be better off adding a new system of account/login usernames for the game, and make those unique (or at least use family names as account names like that), and then remove the need for unique character names (because the game would be able to tell the difference between a "Dave" on one unique account, and the "Dave" on another account). Virtually every other online console game does something like that (or just uses Gamertags/PSN IDs for that purpose), so I don't see why Black Desert can't adopt a similar system - and in doing so, make this whole unique name problem a non-issue. [edit] Okay, so watching the Q&A stream, they're saying that you'd need a way to identify people in chat - which is simple, if you do the same as most console MMOs (Star Trek Online, for instance). If my account name is "USSExcelsior", and my character's name above their head is "Dave", then it'd show up in chat as "Dave@USSExcelsior" (so <character name>@<account name>).
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