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  1. It also got extremely boring. I’ve started playing other games again and quickly realized how much fun I was NOT having in bdo lol. Oh well.. it was fun for a bit there. Rip
  2. I don’t play a Shai and never will, but how come they don’t slappa da bass?
  3. @Novacrazyfacegirl Class balance in an mmo is a perfectly acceptable topic to take issue with. Like @Linxz said, it’s a brain dead class. And that’s what I take issue with. Beginner classes shouldn’t continue to excel well into end game with the same power curve (aka their scaling needs a nerf) I’m not sure what BDO officially lists them as but I’d laugh if it even went as far to say intermediate lol.
  4. Yeah that person has been posting all over and I think they might be perpetually tripping on acid lol.
  5. How have these classes existed so long without nerfs? They’re the most watered down, god mode classes in the game. The fact that guilds recruit them at lower gear scores should be enough of an indicator. PvP gets a little boring and predictable at times when half the population is running around as these dumb dumb ez mode classes.
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