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  1. Good grief, so it was just a sales pitch. Oh well never mind then. They almost made it sounds like no one is buying Shai outfit anymore... I wonder why.
  2. Not sure it belongs to this forum, but oh well. Today on world chat everyone received a notice that said. "Shai can now style and profile with the Twinkle Star Classic Set! Check out the Pearl Store for all the latest items!" I would very much like clarification on what they meant by "Style and Profile". What does it mean, what does that do. Thank you for your time and any answer you can provide.
  3. There is a easier way to end this problem once and for all. Let the player have the options to censor or un-censor what THEY see. If they want the un-censor version of Shai, just untick the censorship box. And to all those that have a problem with Shai showing too much skin, keep your censor box ticked. If you still argue about this after such option, and demand to control what OTHER people sees, you don't really believe in freedom of thoughts or freedom in general.
  4. You're not alone Subwolf. Mine got cancelled on 14.03.2020. Summited a ticked and got asked when I "Started" the wagon registration, even if it is over a week ago, I can't remember the precis date I started the construction. Submitted a second ticket and haven't heard back from them so far. My advice for everyone is this. DON'T build forest path wagon unless you are willing to risk unexplained progress lost. Until the GM find out what the bug is, avoid the hassle. It ain't worth it. BTW CM_Valtarra, I will pm you my family name and so on.
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