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  1. Thanks guys much appreciated 👍🏻
  2. One other thing that confused me yesterday was I found a world boss ( a massive harpy) there was around 20-30 people all stood at the spawn point so I thought wow I should be able to get a few hits in here and get some awesome loot with all these people here - then suddenly everyone vanished?!!!? The white dots on the mini map was still there but all I could see was a couple of butlers. Then the boss appeared so I hit it a couple of times and then it just vanished aswell, after a few seconds it’s corpse appeared on the floor which I looted to get 2 aura things (stupid as it said I needed 100 of them, so I need to kill the boss 50 times!, no other loot?) why did this happen where did everyone go? Why did the boss die so quickly? Thanks
  3. Hi all. Right so I have been playing for a few days now trying to understand the game and give it a chance but I though I would come here and ask advice and give my opinion. Firstly the character creation is probably one of the best I’ve seen once you get to grips with it that is (although there ain’t enough beard/hair styles imo) Im confused why each character can only use 1 type of weapon which to me is ruining the game a little as one thing I love about mmorpg’s is the amount of loot you can find and all the different types of armour and weapons so you can customise your character but in this game there doesn’t appear to be any customisation as all the archers seems the same all the ninja’s are the same as there aren’t any stats in armour/weapons - or is that an end game thing that a new player doesn’t get? Also armour and weapons seem to be bland at best I mean I have the short sword and they all look the same nothing exciting nothing that just looks really cool they all just look boring. The fighting is great fun again probably one of the better ones in the market. I am not impressed with the pearl shop - if it was a free game then yes add loads of buy currency (like neverwinter) but seeing how this is a game you actually have to buy it really shouldn’t have so much real money stuff that you actually need. auction house seems odd everything is millions upon millions to buy nothing is cheap. Drops seems again a very odd system - I am now lvl39 and not had a single drop yet, I have had 3 short swords now from quests and I now have every slot filled with a piece of armour but none have actually dropped from enemies - is there enemy loot drops? As for quest rewards all I seem to get is xp boosts, running speed boosts and potions and very very rarely I will get a piece of armour of a ring/belt/earring but not often. is there any point to mining or tanning etc as right now it just seems like a waste of time? I have ps4 pro with internet speed of around 70-80 but still I’m lagging like hell its even worse in a village of town as it is a nightmare trying to navigate while lagging past corners or doors, all the npc’s are but black masses for a little while and slowly start to have clothes added and then skin and eventually after around 20-30 seconds look normal and this is even with turning performance off and turning 4K off just to try and get it to run smoothly. (Ps4 is connected via Ethernet and I live alone so it shouldn’t be like this surely?) Game is just confusing some times like every now and then I will find an item or something and even after reading the description I have no idea what is does or how to use it - but saying that the other side of the coin is that there is so much to learn that the die hard fans will love how much there is. Took me ages to work out how to close the chat window as it took up most of the screen and I still haven’t worked out how to get rid of the R2 =, L1= etc etc in the right of the screen that’s always there and never goes away. I now have a red bar appearing under my health and yellow bar that goes up to 100% and then I start to glow red but no explanation of what this is? My 1000 pearls I got with the game have vanished and I have no idea where they have gone (I was waiting to see if there was something I would need to buy with them later on). I keep finding chests that say it’s locked but the key must be around here somewhere and yet I have not found a single key yet - I even spent 30 mins killing enemies around d the area hoping one would drop the key I needed but nothing. Can you fast travel? I have a horse (somewhere) but having to run all the way back to where I think it’s stabled will take me hours. Does the story get more exciting then just having this annoying black blob ordering me around to get these floating relic things it wants? Do you always lose your magic ability you but on your weapon when you die? Seems like an odd thing to enchant your weapon with crimson fire (or whatever it’s called) and then you die and you lose it? Does the enchantments get any better - for instance flaming sword or ice or health drain or something like that that actually shows an effect like glowing red or white etc? sorry for the long posts it’s a lot of question and moans all mixed together lol but I’ve stopped playing on pc and now play on xbox and ps4 and just looking for a proper mmorpg - got bored of neverwinter as it got boring and repetitive and I prefer quests and story rather than grinding for tokens to hand in to get 100% then grinding something else for a different token to hand in to get to 100% on the next thing etc like neverwinter.
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