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  1. I'm on an xbox one x and ever since this update I cant even log in and if I do, then in less than 5min the game crashes. I haven't crashed since Kzarka first came out, now all of a sudden with this recent update I can't even log in? Why are you people incapable of making a version of this game that actually works on console? Never have I ever owned a game with this many connection issues. I thought Destiny error codes were bad but this game takes the cake. I bet the people responsible for making the game run play striker 🙄😒
  2. I've been having an ongoing debate with several guildies about whether super armor provides immunity to CC(except grabs, which is BS btw), or if it only provides super resistance to CC. You hear all the time, people complaining about "I got knocked out of my super armor". They think you're supposed to be immune, I say super resistance but not full on immunity. Does anyone have any concrete insights on the matter? Personally, I wish super armor made you immune to CC including grabs because grabs are the single most broken thing in this game, second only to the lag.
  3. They don't need to release squat until the lag is fixed.
  4. There has been bad lag on xbox since the game was released. Cross play made it worse sure, but we had lag since day 1. How can we siege and node war when your screen freezes then unfreeze to a death screen? How can you RBF when enemies are invisible when you drop down? They need to realize that console is NOT PC.
  5. Is red battlefield on the agenda for some adjustments? The amount of people that sit up top and do nothing ruin the experience for the rest of the team. Conversely, spawn camping witchards are equally unfun when they can CC through the protection from the vendor. Simple solution: kick anyone that sits up top for more than 2min. I get someone may need a bathroom break but most people dont even try to contribute. Prevent the enemy from being able to enter the drop area and a radius around it lest they take heavy damage similar to entering an enemy fountain in SMITE. I also propose a different battleground for the red battlefield and a revamp to the algorithm that determines who gets put on one team for more balanced engagements. Of course the classes require balance so that there can be all classes that can thrive given the player has the skill and teamwork with their team to come out on top instead of the constant witchards and strikers running uncontested because they are so broken it's not even funny.
  6. I would like to add I've seen several posts like this in other forums, discord, YouTube comments, ect. Dark Knight has no grab, no sustain, her iframes have a 5sec cooldown, air strike should not instantly fill the 2pt CC limit, and her scaling is atrocious. Every other class in the game can kill in less than half the effort it takes the Dark Knight. At 250 AP over 350 accuracy, it takes 6-8 long animation skills to bring someone within an inch of their life, but they grab you and kill you in 1-2 skills when you have 292 DP and they have 230-240AP. I mean you guys have ALREADY nerfed Dark Knight succession. If nothing else at least give Twilight Dash a decent amount of health and super armor. If she's going to be squishy, at least give her the damage she needs to kill people when she catches them. She's all glass and no cannon. And grabs are all reward and no risk because you gave them super armor. Grabs should not be a free instant win button when the class already has forward guard, iframe, and super armor while moving and attacking at the same time. Yes I'm talking about strikers, ninjas and kuno especially. These jack of all trades characters combined with the lag and desync issues really make the game unfun for a lot of people, not just dark knights. A striker shouldn't be able to tank a party of 5 people all with 245-260 AP all the while being able to kill them in 1 shot if he grabs them. How can you people release this type of disparity into the game. Do you all not play test your own game. What is your definition of balance and fairness? Are you all biased towards certain classes and just hate others?
  7. So I used to main witch and pre awakened she was pretty decent and then when I got her awakened I realised how broken the class was so I re rolled to a dk because I liked the way her skills looked, She’s been my main for over 3 months now and even with 214ap I still don’t hit nowhere as hard as other classes for example my DP is 295 and I get one shotted or 2 shotted by a witch with 185 ap? But she has 268 dp and it takes me more than 5-6 skills to kill her if cc changed. That doesn’t even make sense. And strikers I know they get magic ap Defense in passives but I trailed it with my friend 254 dp and he was tankier than me and with 165 ap he basically grabs me and echo spirits with another skill and I’m dead. I know not all classes are meant to be the same but the way dk scales is just ridiculous all classes should scale the same with ap and Defense that way no class is like the god class and then you have the useless ones, it should be based on skill as right now it’s based fully on gear and class like for node wars witches n wizards go round just one or two shotting massive groups, strikers tanking like a group by himself spamming skills that give up back, like for example the dk has two skills that give hp back instantly and one that’s a channeling of hp which is completely useless no one has time to stand still for like 5 seconds to gain like 100 hp it should be instant like other classes that have that similar skill like even if it was 100 hp and a 10 second cool down it’s still better. And the other two skills that give hp one has like a 20 second cool down and only gives hp based on how many people you hit where as striker has skills that don’t even need to hit like the awakened jump gives around 400 hp and it doesn’t even need to hit anyone? And the rt punch which is spammable can go from 100-3000 hp in 7 seconds as we tested. DK has few superarmours since the nerf and they ain’t reliable as you can get ccd during them at times. Witch and wizard are squishy like dk but they make up in it with many heals and massive amounts of damage where dk doesn’t have the massive damage, heals, super armours only I frame.... every class has something it excels in but what does the dk have? Even in the latest stream you guys did yesterday you both agreed dk needs a buff so why hasn’t there been any talk on it since awakening releases? Everyone is like oh dk is good 260+ap? But all classes are going to be like that from lower so why does it require so much for this class, my mate has 243ap and him a striker witch musa and Lahn tested dps on adds and the dk was greatly slower it’s just annoying don’t get me wrong I still beat people but it takes like 3x the effort to do it when people with my ap on one classes can one combo me but I can’t... there needs to be balances amount all classes not just mine that should be an update instead of pumping out all this content because everyone just ends up playing the same classes and makes it boring hence why Eu is already dying there’s just so many strikers witches and wizards because they are the most powerful classes gear wise when equipped. I want to be able to play the game not thinking oh here comes one of those classes rip. Hopefully a GM actually reads this essay but seeing how empty the comments are for dk part of the forum it’s unlikely 🤷🏾‍♂️
  8. I'm going to copy and paste this to the suggestions forum and hope they see how broken their game is.
  9. The lag that plagues this game is some of the worst I've ever seen, combine that with how absolutely unfair and broken grabs are it's a wonder how anyone can play at all. What made PA thing crossplay was a good idea when their servers were proven trash before the merger? If you aren't going to give every class an instant win grab button, then remove it from all classes and rebalance so that the other classes have a chance.
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