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  1. I just logged in and all of a sudden I'm walking around with a backpack? so I thought maybe yea its just for a couple minutes or so but no dude It was for lovin 3 HOURS I had to walk around with that backpack. NO attack no nothing. COULDNT EVEN PLAY So I figured it was a glitch or a event and everyone kept telling me no dude go to a trade manager its in your inventory and so thats what I did in velia. So I get there but I can't do nothing but trade.( I literally started a week ago)so I went around asking people in chat and they all said the same thing "its in your inventory go to the trade manager and trade it".So thats exactly what I did I went to the trade manger in velia but there is nothing I can do but trade. I even went to the next trade manager close by and absolutely nothing. OK so now I'm worrying like did i buy something I shouldn't have last night but no I just started a week ago and just have been doing quest.Ok so now I'm trying to chat on World But I can't? But I just a microphone last night. (300) So now I Got 8, so if I'm not mistakin its a one time use right? if you use it once you never need to use it again. And I had 8. So now thats another thing I'm worrying about where is my stuff I bought last night but its nowhere to be found in my inventory?? Long Story Short Where is My Stuff world mics?? is not one time use??? And Take this backpack off Me???? Gamertag= ThisG_KiLLed007 Family name= PhoeNiX_ScaR Name= ILL_RaD But changed to (Yo_MoM) next maintenance
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