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  1. Now this one does interest me...🤔
  2. I...wow. Yikes. 😨 I didn't know that lol, it sounds like no matter how much I manage to save, I won't be able to go on a spree like I'd planned/hoped. Yeah, maybe I should just buy the FFXIV sub lol Thanks for the answer!
  3. Any PC players know or have an idea how much stuff we'll have in the pearl store at launch? Or if we will even have the pearl store at launch? I'm trying to save up as much money as I can (lol) but I'm wanting to play FFXIV right now and dont know if I should save it? I was planning to go back in December anyway but to be honest the Shadowbringers reveal made me homesick even though my sub has been inactive for only less than a month. Thanks for any answers! ❤
  4. Nattzz


    You need to chill out. It will come to PS4 probably like a year after xbox. By the time it comes to PS4 anyway, ponies won't want it anymore.
  5. Just like you can in the PC version. I am fully aware that everything in the beta will be wiped, but I never expected to make such a beauty on my first try. I just tried recreating her now and it's not the same. 😪 It would've been awesome to save the face to some kind of database to re-download later like you can on the PC.
  6. I hope so too, buddy. I'm having a blast on it! I recommend getting an Xbox One S at least. Not only will you be able to play BDX when it's out (and later when it's out on PS4), but in my experience, having all the consoles has been awesome as you're never locked out of anything! I'd also recommend a 4K TV as well but not everyone can get one, at least not right now. You should definitely try though. 😉 Also you should really watch some Digital Foundry videos, they're really good at showing the differences between consoles.
  7. Nattzz

    Stumped in game

    If you haven't opened the box that contains the outfit, you can put it in storage and then retrieve it with the character you want to use it for.
  8. well, not to be rude but your opinion is literally wrong and digital foundry proves that. Also your last gen/current gen point, well duh it's not that kind of graphical jump, it's the same generation.
  9. PS4 gamers get so angry when they don't have a game for a little while...
  10. I can get behind these points. Changing camera distance however, can be done by holding the right stick and then moving the camera back. Unless you know that and that's not what you mean in which case ignore me lol
  11. Oh man, I've been staying awake to try and catch it once it goes up lol
  12. I don't need to delete anything as I have plenty of space, but as a statement I will delete Tera and Skyforge, neither of which I have played for aaaaaages 😋
  13. The game is absolutely not coming out this year, it's painfully obvious now.
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