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  1. Nattzz

    Character Videos

    If we're lucky. We got a status update only recently so the next time we'll probably hear from them again will be about a year from now 😛
  2. Nattzz

    Can I get a

    I thought this was gonna say "hell yeah"
  3. Nattzz

    Status Update!

    Same, I have a really nice last name planned and ready and it would suck to end up just using my gamertag
  4. Nattzz

    Status Update!

    When you say soon, is it a "Soon™" or actually soon? Also, will any beta stuff carry over to the full game or will we all start fresh? (I'm hoping it's the latter)
  5. Nattzz

    Situation about next delay

    Ok let's not go that far.
  6. Nattzz

    Situation about next delay

    We'll see...
  7. Nattzz

    Introduction Thread!

    Hi, longtime lurker here lol but my hype for this game has suddenly increased again lately so please please please dont let me down this year...
  8. Nattzz

    Which Class Do You Want First?

    I WAS originally gonna choose Tamer, but then I really liked the look of Lahn when that was announced. But I've fallen in love with the Witch now and luckily that's one of the 6 it turns out we're getting, so definitely Witch.