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  1. Because of this post and probably others who don't understand what RNG has to do with the game have made it a bit more difficult. I've been playing this game for 4 years now. When I first started I ran through Valencia with most of my classes BEFORE there were any added fail stacks to the game. So I missed out on getting those fail stacks compared to new players who were able to get them when they first started. These new players who got those fail stacks had better gear then I did within 1 month of playing. So playing for 2 years with no Fail stacks added to having the fail stacks added and NEW players already passing me with gear score because of the fail stacks. Now learning that they were added I was able to FINALLY get the required fail stacks to help enhance my gear. Trying to build fail stacks for me is impossible. Most people can build a 20 FS on Reblath when I can't get past 10 FS before it pops. Now going to boss gear I can't pop my gear on a 50 or 60 FS that's been built up from the free ones we do get. For instance my Tet Urugon's didn't go until I made a 91 stack from the FREE 70 stack we got from the attendance rewards. Now going on a rant about you saying to add a PAY TO WIN option for those to BUY FAIL STACK'S from Pearl Shop. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? My money I make goes to my kids not to this game. And when I do have the money yes I buy Outfits or the $50 TENT that you basically should get especially when you grind. I buy outfits not to CRON though I am a FASHIONISTA and just LOVE to buy an outfit for looks. Most of my outfits I have bought with Silver from the Market Place. You can't buy Tents or Underwear or other important items from Pearl Shop it's limited to what you can buy. And I am sure as hell no one would buy the fail stacks off pearl shop just so they can get a CHANCE to get a tet or pen item. I know people who for giggles went for a PEN on a 1 stack and got a PEN weapon as a meme. Taking away the free stacks or making it more difficult or even more boring to get them will actually for 1 make NEW players quit the game. And for 2 Make Old players not want to waist their time or money on enhancing gear to make gains for PVP purposes. That's why it was easier to do the valencian quest line to use the free 50 stack to build up for Tet accessories and Tet boss gear. NOT TO MENTION THE NEW BLACK STAR GEAR THAT'S COMING OUT. You NEED basically a 200 fail stack to get a TRI enhancement rate. But if you want this game to be all fair let's just remove ALL FREE fail stacks that are GIVEN to us through Bartali's Adventure Log x2 100 FS, Alter of Blood x1 100 FS, Rulupee's Travel Log, DAILY LOG IN REWARDS, RETURNING ADVENTURER REWARDS, Shakatu boxes, Oasis boxes, Black Spirit Adventurer, Devour option on weapons, or even the events that the DEV'S give us. To complain about this is in my opinion selfish. You don't think about those who have BAD RNG or TOO GOOD of RNG to build up fail stacks for gear. Buying gear also is more expensive then you think. Those with good RNG can make a TET accessory on a 40 stack (had a guild mate do that.) And sell it for good profit. And the person who is buying that probably has been grinding their butt off for maybe a month or 2 months to get that money to buy that item from another player. Now that money is hard to grind if you don't have TET BOSS GEAR to do so. Or you can be a sea dweller and do Bartering to get that in maybe a month. But thank you for not fully understanding this game and making it even more difficult and long and boring for some of us who don't have all the time in the world to play the game in the first place. For me I play on my down time when the kids are in bed and after work. I get about maybe 2 - 3 hours a day and some of that I grind or do Node Wars with my guild. That's compared to some who work from home and spend 8 - 10 hours a day playing the game who grind for maybe 4 hours and can easily buy the gear they want from other players. Just a food for thought before you make this game less fun to play for EVERYONE.
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