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  1. @CM_Valtarra Hello there, I wanted to say thank you for considering these suggestions and also wanted to inquire as to whether the devs have taken a look at these proposed changes. Also, if they have, would you be willing to share their thoughts on the changes?
  2. About ranger, the class performs decently well, there are just a few issues. First is that the ranger feels a bit clunky to play (at least on console). I understand that this might be difficult to fix, but the awakening feels very static (doesn't flow well), and certain abilities in the pre-awakening don't always work as intended. Will of the wind and blasting gust both seem to have issues. Will of the wind is commonly used with left or right on the analog stick along with b (xbox) or square (PS4). This allows the player to maintain mobility while using will of the wind. Unfortunately, I find that when using the ability with those inputs, the ability instead goes off as it's default animation (which is used with LT and Lb, or L2 and L1). For blasting gust, the only problem is that, compared to PC, for some reason on console we aren't able to use it as quickly, this results in much slower movement during a fight because blasting gust is used to get both close and far away from someone very quickly. 2nd is that the awakening is pretty bad. The Ranger awakening barely has any abilities that are really good for damage dealing, and even those abilities are more used as debuffs just to make the pre-awakening do more damage. The problem with this is that it removes the usefulness of the awakening, due to pre-awakening also being better for grinding. This is worsened by the fact that the Ranger awakening has unreasonably long cooldowns. It just doesn't make sense why there would be long cooldowns for abilities that are seldom used in the first place. The last problem is consumables. The ranger has practically no self-sustain (the ability to heal itself), and thus needs a lot of healing potions just for grinding. In addition, the abilities of the Ranger consume a lot of mp which requires even more potions to sustain. The need for both healing and Mana potions to effectively grind fills up your inventory and makes it nearly impossible to pick up a reasonable amount of loot/drops without going overweight.
  3. In terms of skills, multiple kuno abilities need mending: Sah Spree of Sonan: Does very little damage, has very little range, no protections, only redeeming factor is the HP recovery (which is still miniscule and ineffective in combat). Lunar dash: all around a decent ability, but this is one of the kuno abilities that should definitely have some form of protection. Lunatic Discus: similar to lunar dash, protection or cc would make the ability much more usable. Chain crash: Sah Chakram: extremely low damage, unprotected, almost impossible to actually hit the cc, and an overly long animation. The recent change that allows you to combo from Chain crash into Danse Macabre has potential, but isn't practical to use due to the lack of protections for chain crash. Tendon Cutter: Overall a great ability, but when tendon cutter's stiffness was removed, it made it extremely hard to use effectively towards a purpose besides avoiding the enemy. With extreme camera movement it's possible to use tendon Cutter to get close to/behind an enemy, but that's extremely hard to do with both the frequent performance issues (such as lag), and the constraints of using a controller. In addition, the rabam skill Ninjutsu: Sinew Cut applies stiffness with the "tendon Cutter" it uses, so why shouldn't tendon Cutter also have that stiffness? Flash slash: though this ability is decent, there is a clear an illogical difference between flash slash and the Ninja's ability: beheading the dead. Beheading the dead and flash slash are very similar to each other: they both involve the character turning invisible and reappearing while making a large aoe attack. Both attacks also have stiffness and do comparable damage. The difference comes in the speed, there are two main problems: first; the kuno ability, flash slash, has a long charge-up animation (1-2 seconds) where you are unprotected, whereas the Ninja's ability, beheading the dead, immediately enters invisibility. The second problem is that upon reappearing, beheading the dead does the attack in a single, quick animation. On the other hand, flash slash has a long, two-part animation that could allow another class to get an easy grab. The Ninja's ability is fine as it is, but why is the kuno's ability just clearly worse? Note: I also think that every single ability in the kuno awakening deserves some sort of damage increase to make the class worth playing.
  4. It is further worsened by recent changes made to the kuno, like the 17% damage reduction (in PvP) of lethal spin spree, which is arguably one of the most crucial components of the kunoichi as a class. This results in the class (kunoichi) that was already under-powered compared to most other classes to become just worse to use in PvP compared to other classes
  5. Unfortunately, kuno damage is drastically lower than ninja damage, making it a poor choice for both PvE and PvP. In addition, the lower damage that kuno has results in it being arguably the worst class for grinding (comparable to witchards, whom need changes as well).
  6. In addition, for kunoichi, ninja awakening is better than kuno awakening for both PvE and PvP. I personally feel that when the kuno awakening was being developed, pearl abyss wanted to make kuno better at PvE because of it's area of effect attacks, whereas ninja would be better for PvP, especially 1v1's, because of it's high single target damage.
  7. Currently: witchards have a large "flaw" in their awakening that makes them extremely under-powered; ranger requires too many consumables to grind effectively; kunoichi awakening has too little damage and too little protection (super armour, frontal guard, i-frames).
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