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  1. sunstar

    Can’t wait to shop for costumes

    Yea it seejs this game gonha be like assasin's cred oydessy for me, the shop cant say no to cool sets.....my problem is i see sets for other classes, so i will have to try the class when its avail to see if i can get into playstyle..ether way my witch wil break me first lol...
  2. sunstar

    Witch vs wizard

    I'm a witch she rocks, may try wizard and sorceror but the witch is my main. Once i get settled i may make a witch on eu ahd come looking for all you eu nice guys...it will be friendly not to spill any blood😊😁
  3. sunstar

    Official stream

    This tweet not the cms but stil a preview.. https://twitter.com/Pilioka/status/1087519767450275840
  4. sunstar


    I saw nothing about changingbthe costumes in reddit just that they had to be optimized see nothing to do with censors. Cm shinra said, No, we'll be rolling them out over time. Costumes will need to be optimized for Xbox before they go live. optimize defined for computing, omputing rearrange or rewrite (data, software, etc.) to improve efficiency of retrieval or processing. more likely its making the itemx work with xbox code language,your going from mouse kb to a controller and different ui.
  5. sunstar

    What class will you be playing

    I think elm that is your opinion. i have looked at other classes,,i did not click with the controller ahd ui set up on them, it was extremely awkward feeling, the witch just flowed.if the ui, set up on them is cumbersome its not going to change how i feel. Ahd watching someone is not the same as actually going in the game ahd trying the class yourself.
  6. sunstar

    What class will you be playing

    For anyone undecided this guide was really helpful for me....the last thing i wanted to be was a witch, and wyenni went into beta i just clicked with her, and the other classes i tried felt awkward in comparison. https://youtu.be/9a8i2nE6UmE
  7. sunstar

    What class will you be playing

    Mystic is my ultimate she rocks...😍❤
  8. sunstar

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Evil is a bit strong i'm sorry...no i don't think red players are the bombers from all your explanations, just meant to do that seemed difficult for a new player like nyself cause everywhere they go everyone wants to kill them.lol on top of setting your gear difrerrent.
  9. sunstar

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    I doubt i dould handle being a red player, it sounded fun till i watched more videos....li'm just not the mean sort, cant see me running around pickng fights. I try to get along....but karma bombers sound evil....
  10. sunstar

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    ... Deleted original thought...
  11. sunstar

    Important question to CM

    Cool...so you can preorder now?
  12. sunstar

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    I was thinking for me, Im new to game even though I played beta...might be fun being a fugitive lol I wouldn't kill horses or sinkl ships they might be irreplaceable but players yea...most the time i'm on foot except long distance traveling..
  13. sunstar

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Im a little confused about how do you become red. Flag player who doesnt want to fight and your karma drops? Flagging and loosing? How do you become red? Might be fun once i get comfotable with class and gear?
  14. sunstar

    What Server Are you playing on

    How can we switch between servers, i'm confused cause i'd like to play on both?
  15. sunstar

    What class will you be playing

    Im a witch, i didn't find her non mobile she has magic arrows which you can cast while moving,depends on rotation ahd spell...she moved quick through areas while grinding.