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    Node War

    He comunicates in game to us in chat, I'm not going to go check xbox club every few minutes, when he's in game chat.
  2. Agreed. I used this beta, though I love witch to playing the other four classes. I changed my main, by the end of it to, sorceress, and will have a witch also. All classed I played past Rednose, I leveled witch to 40, soceress to 38. I ranked them from least to best for me personally, wizard.ranger.warrior.witch.sorcoress. Wizard was slow, just did not gel with him. Ranger her moves were irritating at times, not fluid. The warrior was fun at first but got boring...Witch she zips through everything fast, but thats the problem it lacks something...presto...The sorceress, I kept hearing dont play her...it was love for me. The story lore and her fit together very well. Her moves are fun, keep your interest...she ony died during karza which got hard to see in there due to lag lol, and she fell off this cliff into a river lol otherwise she's hearty. I kept her stocked up with potions...she gets dogpiled on by 6 or 7 npcs lol and i think she's fihished and with one move sends them flying dead..she's so much more fun, I play on a 1x sye is fast not slow.. So play what you want to, not what others prescribe. If its not fun its the wrong class imhop.❀😊
  3. Ok thanks ill try to tap y, lol looking at message so tired last night
  4. Unhable to do quest, no way to do steal interaction,he's a quest npc,no option to steal. Also rhere are things like feeding mount carrot no option for this. The value pack is adtive and when i go to dye, even though it shows color swatches bur have no idea how to get dye no instructions.how do i transfuse an item,no.idea whats needed. Just many quests no ex'planation on special ihteradtion. Please make it more user friendly.
  5. I tried different variations with night,pretty names could not make. Night,knight should not be banned...
  6. Our first beta screens and videos are accessible again they were not deleted.😊❀
  7. I know i played witch, the witch is my main..i didn't have that mana issue..just it was awful afraid to see how he played ranger since he had mana issues ranger is stanima...
  8. Lol get kicked off till start time.... Mines all updated, i'm waiting for 1am mst ❀😊
  9. Oh reminds me of beta before, i saw a you tuber he'd been a ranger decides to try witch likes her lightning skill a bit too much kept runhing out of mana and having to stab everything..hope he goes back to ranger.
  10. Yeah did that update, so all set..just wiah could get into char creation and play and make character.
  11. Not me my witch gets the honors❀😊
  12. Yea protect your name until launch ❀😊
  13. There's a big field in na...MOVE OVER boi
  14. sunstar

    Witch vs wizard

    Where did my sistervwitches go? Such enthusizm....
  15. Doc you scared off all the rangers...their all in hiding.
  16. Another great stream. Cannot wait for beta... .kudos to trent...shinra going to have to get betrer for their next match...trent better keep on his game lol
  17. Crossplay wasnt the point i was getting at.
  18. I played ff14 from very begining on ps3, when the ps4 version was out for us to uptrade to, it was free...they would just have more than likely a free update for next generation, but once you make the transition you cannot with your account go back to this console ahd play it. i hope that made sense.
  19. yea mine are Pets, weight,strength, costumes for looks maybe..but mostly pets
  20. He Just got kit yesterday from pa he expains al in video.
  21. So what the progress doesn't carry over but the practice does lol its going to be fun trying to remember from november, cannot wait to play again❀😊
  22. Seriously, I'm starting as witch, my second char wizard..simple solution get both classes your good to go...😁😊
  23. I hope the discord will not get as crazy as it was, next week when beta starts first timers going to need help. I also hope they will have cms on here and thhe xbox club. Not everyone uses discord.
  24. On early access, im going to put less than 10 mins in my char, get names, then use value back after a day, hopefully beauty will have some chars saved that others made by then. I did notice changes in costumes in that beta announcement trailer,seemed less revealing.😊😁
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