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  1. Guiddo was going to post on fire works thread,,but didn't want to clutter thread, i liked the top first shot best, cause i did't see that part where they had said see you soon.. Lol i kept getting knocked off the wall. I just have 2 min clips hope they straightdn this out, i wanted to share it.

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    2. sunstar


      Lol i quit when it got dark causeci wanted to make some clips. Someone while k was watching got killed me .lol, After fireworks joined it again. I could probzbly get into pvp but she was level 38, had weak stats and was behind on skills. What happened is i did'nt know silver had a weight to it. She had over 3 million, and i couldn't understand why she over the limit at max weight.so lol lost time with problems like rhat lol.


    3. Azuki


      Were you polynesian? If so my b. We were in full pvp mode

    4. The Guiido

      The Guiido

      Yeah loool. Silver adds a lot of weight.

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