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  1. I'd suggest going into your TV settings and turning off local diming and consider Game Mode (this makes things darker tho so beware) I have an LG and I think this is what you are describing...also refer to this articles as it has some other things you may want to consider adjusting. https://www.engadget.com/2018/03/05/best-tv-settings/
  2. Yours wasn’t finalized, to be clear some of ours were finalized so we could not do what you’re sharing. I’m hoping to not cause any confusion
  3. Well I’ll share what they told me regarding Anthem which occurred in the same manner prior to release week... Go here: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/billing/payment-and-purchases/request-refund Open a request and wait for a response, then call back to the team I had just spoke to and.... In my case the first request was declined. The steps above were also declined. On my final call they made an exception but were clear that they only do one per account for digital games so not sure if the situation of others but per their website, digital games once finalized are not eligible for refunds. Just pointing out they they are correct and these exceptions shouldn’t be considered as the norm. Also consider the pre-order stuff is done through the developer and not the Xbox team so it may be a bit more of a strong No whereas Anthem was all via Xbox store
  4. For whatever reason if you were to pre order this as of late last week the order is finalized and not eligible for refund unless customer service makes an exception from a call or ticket. Technically they are correct in saying its not eligible for a refund
  5. I disagree and its no punishment at all. I actually own the game for PC and have for over a year so I see no need in starting over on Xbox as the decisions set forth provide no benefits to me and without game sharing using the xbox home feature, no benefits to my family.
  6. Well, I won’t be buying this. I don’t gameshare with random ppl, but my wife and older kids do so just because it doesn’t follow Xbox I won’t buy
  7. It’s definately not the GM messages. It occurring once or twice every other second when I started a new character. Its not sistant combat either....it’s as if on PC, I were opening and closing a menu repeadily that click sound.
  8. This actually makes a ton of sense but it seems they just ported that over from PC. Regarding whats blocked in the OP...those should be blocked for obvious reasons.
  9. I'm not seeing any issues where things are cut off. Maybe check the xbox calibrateTV settings under display & sound to ensure you are seeing both the green and blue lines. That will help show if its the TV itself or the xbox...doesn't seem to be the game
  10. Chatpad works fine and offers additional headset controls. I personally do not enjoy trying to manage both a keyboard and gamepad so this is the only reasonable option for me. FYI it’s only text input, it’s not going to offer a way to control your character or menus. It also has two programable buttons for things like screenshot, record clip, volume up/down etc found in the Gamepad settings.
  11. So just to point out the specific point you’re making...based on how Xbox one games actually work...we can only wait and see If we are to base it off how the prior beta worked...this game works no different than other Xbox games and the account reference actually doesn’t matter in the Xbox live world The game has to follow the basic Xbox live requirements, therefore the account so to speak and licensing, etc. would still not prevent access to the actual game. The developer can prevent whats known as xbox “add-ons” as well as limit or prevent their server based DLC. The base game would still be accessible just like 100% of all digital and disc based games for Xbox one today and over the years. This would be the first and only base game that didnt follow whats written on the page many of us have linked in this thread.
  12. I understand as we are all going off the same information however that isn’t how Xbox one games work so...I’m just going to wait and see. Even the Xbox leads have said “all” games allow it so...we will see...or y’all will see perhaps is what I should write i won’t be buying it if that’s the case as it could mean other things may not be as Xbox one intends
  13. The official response did not specifically address the question. Here’s my interpretation: The base game will operate the same as other digitally owned games. More specific, they have 4 different skus for the game and 3 of which can be purchased. As a result, it would appear that the Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate skus are not going to be shareable, however the included sku that comes with each but not sold separately would fall under the information we see here: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/games/game-setup/my-home-xbox From what you wrote, it may be best to wait and see. That’s the position I’m taking as this touches on so many other concerns of developers being out of touch with the platform they’re releasing games under. Maybe see how the Final Demo they are talking about will work...
  14. None of that address anything asked, it’s just an opinion which leads me to interpret a lot of the complaints thus far on the topic are opinions which is fine so I’m just going to sit back and wait for release to see what actually is.
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