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  1. Can we get an option to disable the auto run feature from the L3 (left stick) PS4 controller (and probably the same for Xbox)? This gets me killed so many times when I try to do combos or evade attacks and press down too hard and my weapons get put away. I've heard similar stories from many others about the same thing, and have seen it happen to people I've been fighting. Weapons go away and they stand there, walking around or jumping and die. It is extremely frustrating and a simple check box to disable/enable it would add a huge amount of QoL. Thanks!
  2. Red Battlefield has become very popular since the silver reward was added. I believe it is time to make some updates to this PvP mode. I would like to see more options available for Red Battlefield. It is currently a team deathmatch. The team with the most points wins. 1) Another fun option could be a new RBF map with points you need to capture and control. The team that reaches the control point goal first wins, instead of total kill points. 2) An attack and defend mode. Where a pre-built "base" and battlements are already installed for the defenders and the attackers need to break through and destroy the base. 3) More ideas from the community would be great... In the meantime, the current RBF mode needs some updates as well. As it is now, the current respawn site encourages spawn camping and when that happens the game quickly becomes very frustrating and not fun. Yes, there is the protection buff from the NPC, but it only lasts about 12 seconds. You have to then drop down and slide down the wall which puts your weapons away. Upon reaching the ground you are assaulted by the other team with CC's, knockdowns and AOEs. If you do manage to get on your feet and finally get your weapons out, you usually are almost dead and can barely fight back, even with the protection buff. This isn't the case every match, but it has been happening a lot with the rampant AFKers. I have been on both sides of this. Maybe have the respawn site on ground level with an invisible wall that prevents the other team from getting through that way you at least have your weapons out and are ready for the fight ahead. The drop and slide down the wall method is very aggravating as it always forces your weapons away. Outside of Node Wars, RBF is a very good place to practice pvp team battles and a decent place to make silver when you need a break from NPC grinding. I believe it would be worth it to invest some development time into RBF as it would benefit the game as a whole. Thanks!
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